What to Wear on a First Date

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Wondering What to Wear on a First Date? It can be difficult to pick out that perfect first date outfit. While you may feel under pressure to leave a great first impression and make a statement with a trendy outfit, it's also crucial to feel comfortable in your outfit. Here are some ideas to help you feel confident about your outfit, so you can enjoy your date without doubting if you picked the right things to wear.

What to Wear on a First Date- Lady enjoying coffee and laughing

The best outfits, as many women know, can be achieved with clothing and makeup that make you feel like the best version of yourself. This may be minimal makeup, a casual outfit and shoes for a casual date. For a formal event, you might choose high heels or a great little black dress. When deciding how to dress for a date, keep in mind the event, place, and season. Fall and winter ensembles differ from summertime styles in terms of items and colors. If you are wanting outfit inspiration but don't feel like keeping up with styles and trends, here are a few helpful ideals.

What to Wear on a First Date- Daytime and Outdoors

If you've agreed on a date at the park or at the local coffee shop to catch the sun and meet your date, then your outfit choice needs simplicity. Simplicity almost always means that comfort is the most important part of your outfit. These outfit ideas work for coffee dates, shopping and any outdoor dates. Here are a few cute outfit choices you will probably be able to put together with items from your closet:

  1. Cute top in neutral colors and structured, dark wash jeans. Add a large bag and statement earrings if the top is very simple. You can optionally layer a slouchy sweater, especially for cooler weather.
  2. Bright top against skinny black pants or jeans. White sneakers or black and white options work well with black jeans.
  3. Sports jacket with a tee and destroyed jeans.
  4. Dressy top tucked in on the front with skinny jeans- crops and chunky ankle boots can dress up this outfit while still looking casual.
  5. A sleeveless dress with leggings, sneakers, and slouchy sweater.
  6. White shirt, denim shorts, and platform sandles or wedges– great for warmer weather. Add a casual jacket or “shacket”– a mix of sweater and jacket.
What to Wear on a First Date- couple getting coffee

If your weather is hot and humid in the middle of summer, you can go for a onesie with spaghetti straps and trainers. This look is simple but also elegant and it gives space for different kinds of accessories. Onsies are great for achieving a top that does not come un-tucked during the day. You can wear them with jeans, skinny pants and more. Onsies are usually available in black and white, and are ideal for layering with a colorful top.

You can complete the look with an over-the-shoulder bag, silver bracelet, and silver hoops. On the other hand, if you want to achieve a more free-spirited but elegant look, match it with a Japanese Akoya pearl strand on your neck and a delicate set of silver rings. Onsies can also work with a simple skirt or mini skirt since they stay tucked into the wasitband.

For fall and winter weather, your outfit needs to be topped with something warm and stylish. A piece that always makes every fall outfit perfect is a trench coat. This statement piece can be found in almost every design and color. If you love bright colors, consider a statement coat in bright green, burgundy, or even yellow. You can layer over neutrals and also black and white outfits.

You can combine a trench with your favorite pair of jeans, boots, and a heavier base layer. The perfect accessories to incorporate into this outfit are low-key jewelry and a fashionable bag. Or, if you're not a great fan of trench coats, you can always lean on your denim jacket or leather jacket to complete the look.

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Dinner date outfits

A dinner date requires a classic ensemble that is usually a mix of stylish and elegant. If you love dresses, they make a perfect choice for this kind of romantic dinner date. You can choose a below-the-knee length for a classic look that will work for any time of year, and just about any venue. This dress type willwork for a nice restaurant as well as more formal venues, depending on your accessories and other layering items.

Need to dress up the typical “Little Black Dress” for a Fancy Dinner? Here are some ideas:

  • Add a long coat- either trench, faux fur, or a bright color depeinding on your personal style.
  • Choose dressier shoes with a small heel
  • Add the right balance of accessories- larger necklace and dainty earrings, or colorful scarf, larger purse, etc.
  • Add a bright pop of color with makeup- red lipstick or dramatic eye makeup are some easy ways to dress up an outfit.
  • Keep your outfit all one solid color

Don't forget to add some personal accents to a dinner date. Bring out your best jewelry to highlight your hands and neck. Choosing the right jewelry for your romantic dinner can make a great difference impression-wise. If you want to look add interest to a very simple outfit, accenting with elegant crystals and gems necklaces is the way to go.

Outfits for the club

The best first date outfit will vary if you and your date decide to go on a first date at the club. Before planning your ensemble, remember that expensive jewelry is not ideal to wear. Mainly, you can easily lose it while dancing. If the club is crowded you will also want to limit valuables that may be lost. If you're wondering wWhat to Wear on a First Date as far as how much to dress up, this greatly depends on the place itself.

Before you choose your outfit, it's a good idea to do some research about the club you're going to. Ask around or check out the website for ideas on a good outfit choice. Finding appropriate clubbing attire for your night begins with determining the ambiance and dress code.

Certain clubs have a more relaxed atmosphere. You can appear effortlessly stylish in a casual dress with a denim jacket on top for these types of clubs.

Other outfit ideas include:

  • Platform heels and a clutch of your choice.
  • In the fall or winter, a long sleeve v-neck, jeans and heeled boots.
  • For warmer weather, crop tops or one shoulder top paired with stylish footwear and jeans will keep you comfortable.
  • You can alsways add a leather jacket to any top and jeans
  • Faux leather pants or leggings are very popular right now and are easy and comfortable to wear with a tee and jacket.

Final thoughts- What to Wear on a First Date

First dates can be both stressful and exciting, especially when it comes to picking the right outfit. The most important thing to remember is that every outfit should make you feel comfortable and confident. Whether it's a T-shirt and jeans, a structured dress, or a matching set, essentials that make you feel like your best self are a great place to start when arranging a look.

Remember your perfect combination will reflect your own style and also keep you feeling confident. We hope these tips on What to Wear on a First Date can help make choosing an outfit easier. Thanks for reading!

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