Homemade Rat Food Mix Recipe

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This Homemade Rat Food is perfect for those who want to make their own Rattie food.
Homemade Rat food


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My daughter brought home 6 rats. Yes that's right I said rats! I never thought I would say this but they are pretty darn cute. While they are adorable, they are a lot of work, so if rats are something you are looking into getting as a pet start with two, and if you can handle the time it takes to care for them, then you can go from there.

You may not realize this, but rats are very smart creatures. You can train them to go into a litter box as well as tricks. We bought them a two story Critter Nation cage which gives them plenty of room to roam and play. I have been looking for a recipe for my pet rats and I got this Homemade Rat Food from Rachel one our readers who gave me permission a while back to post.

You can play around with this recipe and add fruits like blueberries etc. Just make sure you don't give your rats any citrus fruit as it's not good for them. She made about 20 pounds of Homemade Rat Food for around $60.


Homemade Rat Food Ingredients:

oxbow rat food
– rat lab blocks
dried carrots
dried peas
dried bananas
flax seeds
chia seeds
dried parsley
sunflower seeds
wellness core dog food
mini milkbones
dried meal worms
uncooked veggie pasta
chex cereal

I base this off a 100% mix:

50% is an even mix of oxbow rat and rat lab blocks

20% is an even mix of cereal, oats, and pasta

20% is an even mix of herbs, fruit, veggies, and seeds

10% is an even mix of dog food, milkbones, and mealworms

For example:
-5 scoops each of oxbow rat & lab block mix
-2 scoops each of cereal/oat/pasta mix
-2 scoops each of herb/fruit/veggie/seed mix
-1 scoop each of dog food/milkbone/mealworm mix

Here are few more things that my rats love!

Want to learn more about rats? Join some of my favorite Facebook groups:

Those portions will provide correct protein and calorie amounts and will be a stable, balanced diet.

Pasta’s Super Chow Rat Food

Introducing “Pasta's ” Super Chow Rat Wet Food recipe. Pasta belongs to Brandi de Picciotto from Green Ratties' Library who submitted this recipe to be posted.

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  1. What proportions of each item did you use? I.e. how large a bag of rat pellets, milk bones, dog food, how many ounces of seeds, veggies, pasta, etc? I just adopted my boys and want to make their food in bulk. Also, how much did this recipe make for you? Thanks for any help!

    1. Hi Taylor, If you’ll scroll down the post it should tell you the ratio on how many scoops you need of each ingredient. It depends on the size of your scoop, so you can make as much or as little as you need. She made about 20-lb. with the recipe posted. Hope this helps. 🙂

  2. 50% even mix I to your example would be 2.5 scoops of ox bow and 2.50 scoops lab blocks equals 5 scoops total being the 50% example if one scoop is 10 percent which the rest of the recipe seems correct

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