How to Combat Pet Odor in Your Home

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A pet pooch will add a whole lot of love to your family. But while you will adore almost every aspect of having a pup, there is one issue that can cause negativity. Pet Odor.

Foul odors are a common occurrence. Thankfully, this doesn't have to be a 15-year stinky home sentence. Focus on the following tips to stay on top of the situation for the pawfect results.

boomer and izzy pet odor

Choose the right breed of dog

All dogs are capable of smelling, but there is no doubt that some are worse offenders than others. That’s just nature. As a prospective dog owner, though, it is something to consider when purchasing your pooch. This guide to breeds that smell the least will point you in the right direction. If nothing else, it will enable you to stay on top of the situation with far less time and effort.

It won’t only prevent foul smells from dominating the home. You will also find that you are able to spend more quality time with your furry friend.

Select better cleaning products

All dogs love to explore, and will naturally get very dirty on walks or when playing in the backyard. While keeping your dog’s fur trimmed to a suitable length will aid the cause, you also need to clean them regularly. A dedicated dog shampoo and conditioner can get right into the fur for a more thorough clean. Moreover, the formulated ingredients take natural oils into consideration.

Dog perfumes and sprays can help manage smells with even greater success. Still, cleaning should take priority over masking smells.

Focus on dental hygiene

In addition to neutralizing smells on the dog’s fur, you must think about their breath. Poor dental hygiene will cause the dog’s breath to stink, which will inevitably spread to your furniture and the air that circulates the home. An increased focus on dental hygiene through dog toothbrushes and suitable dental sticks can work wonders. Not least because it will protect the pet’s long-term health.

Like smells from fur, odors from your dog’s mouth can transfer to home items if you’re not careful. Now is the time to manage the situation in style.

Dog Food Vertical Heart Disease in Dogs

Build a better diet for your dog

Good hygiene of the fur and the mouth will help manage your pup’s foul smells. Nevertheless, it is equally crucial to present pet odors too. One of the best ways is to implement a healthy diet that promotes better digestion. Trading low-quality food for raw meat and dog-friendly vegetables will work wonders. Adding parsley can help neutralize some of the foul smells too.

Of course, there is still space for dogs to enjoy treats. Nevertheless, paying extra attention to creating a balanced diet will stop gas from spoiling the home.

Stay on top of accidents

While you will naturally take a lot of steps to stop smells from entering the home, you will inevitably encounter some issues. A quick response following accidents will be vital. This guide on how to clean dog pee out of the carpet could be vital when training the pup. Similarly, you should know how to deal with spillages caused by your dog or how to treat smells that your dog brings into the home.

The longer you leave those issues untreated, the harder it becomes to restore your home back to its former glory. 

Boomer bedding pet odor

Clean their bedding

Your pup spends a lot of time in its bed. Dirt, debris, and sweat will naturally start to accumulate. So, if you fail to clean the dog bed on a weekly basis, the odors can start to take over the room. Whether it’s the living room or the bedroom, this foul smell is not something you will enjoy. Replacing the dog bed every few weeks is simply not an option. So, managing the smells is crucial.

Similarly, you must stay on top of other foul odors caused by collars, dog jackets, and other items that they use on a regular basis.

Promote improved health

Finally, it is possible that the foul smells are due to underlying health issues. If you suspect that the potent odors are more than just general pup smells, you must get it checked out. Visiting a vet for a health checkup could be the first step to a diagnosis and treatment. Ointments and other products may hold the key to overcoming bad smells once and for all. And your pup will be more comfortable.

Any attempts to find a solution for the pet odor without treating underlying issues will come up short. A healthy pup and happier home environment await.

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