Avalon Bay 21T Wine Cooler Review

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Avalon Wine Cooler

Disclaimer:  We were given the product to review.  But as always the thoughts and opinions are all mine.

I know what you are thinking “I thought you guys didn't drink?”  Well we don't, but we are always looking for cool things to use around the house.  So when Avalon Bay asked if we wanted to review an Avalon Bay Wine Cooler we didn't just see a wine cooler we saw a really cool office refrigerator!

The Avalon Bay 21T Wine Cooler  is way more than a wine cooler.  It can be an office refrigerator, a dorm room fridge or a great man cave fridge!  It's black cabinet and stainless steel trimmed door will look nice no matter where you put it!  The shelves can be removed to fit almost any kind bottle.  It has 2 temperature controlled zones, upper and lower.  The upper zone has a range of 44 to 64 degrees and the lower has a range of 51 to 64 degrees.  All control by a digital control panel with a LED screen.

Avalon Cooler

The Avalon Bay Wine Cooler was moved into my office and now holds all our 2 liters and our bottle waters.  Not to mention my Ningxia Red from Young Living!  This has freed up a lot of space in refrigerator in our kitchen!  Also with the glass door it makes it easy to see what is in there and when it's time refill it.  The wine cooler is also big enough to hold left overs or some deli meat so I don't even have to leave my office when I get hungry!

YouTube video

The possibilities are endless!  So if you are looking for a mini fridge for your office or dorm, don't overlook the Avalon Bay Wine Cooler.  It may surprise you what it can do!

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