A Man’s Guide to Stain Removal

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See these stain removal tips for the next time you're in charge of the laundry! Men, have you ever been asked to complete the daunting task of doing laundry? 

Man's Guide To Stain Removal

Stain Removal Tips- What to Try

If you are like me, you grab all the dirty clothes you can carry in one trip.  You take them to the laundry room and cram them in the washer.  Filling the washer to the level that you may need to get duct tape from the garage to keep the lid closed.   You don't pay any attention to the color or the type of material.  What are all of these buttons?  Warm, cold, delicates, permanent press?  You do not worry about those details.  You put in an estimated correct amount of detergent and press the start button.  We don't worry about the details or the aftermath of mixing colors.  We definitely do not take the time to search for stains.  I typically learn about the stain after my wife finds that I didn't “hear” her tell me about the stain because I was paying attention to the game.

I heard a joke about a wife that asked her husband to do the laundry.  After he started the laundry she heard him yelling frantically.  She rushed into the laundry room not knowing what she would find.  She asked her husband what was wrong and why he was yelling.  He replied, “you told me to use shout to remove the stains.  So when I found a stain I shouted!”

Obviously, that is not an effective method to remove stains.  Hopefully, you can use the information below to keep from ruining your wife's favorite blouse.  Men, this isn't just an article giving you laundry tips.  This article is marriage saving advice!  Use the chart below to impress your lady and help save her wardrobe and keep you from hours of shopping to replace the garment you destroyed because you didn't remove the stain properly.

Always test spot on your clothing so you don't ruin your clothes. These are just suggestions and we are not responsible for any mishaps that may occur.

How to Remove Stains:

  • Grass: Try using vinegar.
  • Red Wine: Sponge stain with cool water then try using white wine.
  • Grease: Try using clear soda.
  • Blood: Soak in cold water and try hydrogen peroxide ( Hot Water will set Stain)
  • Oil: Try using white chalk, use hottest water safe for fabric.
  • Coffee: Try using baking soda.
  • Ink: Try using milk.
  • Makeup: Try using shaving cream.
  • Deodorant: Try rubbing stain with denim.
  • Crayon: Scrape off surface, place a paper towel in between stain and press to remove stain. Replace paper towel as needed. Sponge clean then launder on hottest setting allowed for fabric.
  • Kitchen Grease: Rub original Blue Dawn dish detergent on the stain. Allow to sit and soak before washing. Wash on hot water. Repeat the process until the grease stain fades- may take multiple washes

Good luck gentleman! Let us know if any of these tips work for you!

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