Cox Support: What You Need to Know!

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Looking for help with Cox Support but not getting anywhere? Here you will find tips on how to take the Cox internet speed test as well as tips that I have figured out on my own that I am sharing with you so that you can bypass all this misinformation that Cox support gives out.

Cox Support: What you need to know

Calling Cox Support:

First, I have to say: be persistent. Many times you will call Cox and get a different answer every time you call.

If they tell you that your Internet outage is due to your modem it is very important to make sure that it actually is your modem that is the problem (see my experience below).

You can also call your modem company and tell them what it’s going on, and let them walk you through the process of checking your modem thoroughly to make sure there’s no damage the modem and that everything is working properly.  If you have a Cox Complaint be persistent is key.

Figuring out the problem:

Unfortunately, I had the recent experience of of calling and finding out Cox did not know what to do about my internet. They ended up using my modem as an excuse on why the service wasn't working.

After three phone calls from my service being in and out for two weeks I finally got someone that told me that it was my modem. So, I actually called the modem company and the modem company told me my modem was fine, that I need to call back Cox and ask for an advance technician.


Cox Speed Test:

If you think your internet is running slower than it should, try running a speed test. It can help you understand your download and upload speed, and your ping. Ping is a signal that tracks the time it takes for data to travel from one network to another. It's measured in milliseconds.

After you you your speed test and get your results, compare them to what you “should be” getting per your internet provider information packet. This would depend on how much you pay, and your package. If you don't think these match up, be sure to give your customer service rep a call.

Understand Whether You're Talking to Customer Service or Tech Support

Sometimes when you call on the phone you’re getting a customer service support representative, rather than an actual technician who works with lines, equipment, etc.

Once I called back and asked for the advance technician. The advance technician told me right away that he could see the problem was not my modem and that he needed to send someone out! Exactly what we were needing!

Note: It's actually cheaper to buy your own modem in the long run than to actually rent one from COX.

Once the advance technician got here I told him that I was using my Next door app to talk to my neighbors who are experiencing outages the exact same time. I let him know we were experiencing outages not normal for us, and this gave him the idea to check what they call the tap. (He told me the tap is usually a hub where many houses are connected to the service– so I learned something new).

Within 15 minutes the technician was back telling me that there was a problem with the hub and that they would have the issue fixed within 72 hours!

Use the Nextdoor App as a Resource:

Next-door was a great place for me to start looking into my Cox outage service issues. I could check in with my neighbors find out who is experiencing the same type of problems, what Cox told them and what help they had already gotten. It was easy for us to all band together to make sure that we actually fixed the problem. 

For your elderly neighbors, or anyone who may have difficulty communicating the more technical issues, Next-door is a great resource to help share information.

We all know it can be exhausting to sit on the phone for hours! And, if your neighbor already got an answer from the internet company it can help avoid unneeded phone calls!

Is Cox Internet Down?

Please note that Cox support wait times can be extremely long right now. You can access the outage map online at their website.. If it's not listed, it might be time to give them a call.

Remember, check your home connections first to verify it's not something that came unplugged. Weird things happen– I've even just moved papers around on my desk and bumped our router! So we always reboot our internet and of course reboot computers to see if it's just us. Another hint is that if your phones are getting no wifi (more than one device won't work), reset your internet at home.

These are things that customer service will ask you to do when you call so you can already be one step ahead of them.

Ask for a refund from Cox Support

One tip I have is that if you are experiencing outages every day make sure you call every single day to get a refund for that day. Cox will not offer you a weeks worth of refunds if you call a week later and tell them that you had a problem a week ago, but they can offer you a refund or credit for one day. You must call that day to get your refund for that day's issues.

We all know internet access isn't cheap, and several days of having no usable internet a few days a month while still being charged for it can add up in unnecessary costs!

Calling cox customer support

How to Find a Cox Store Near Me:

If you're looking for a location, head over here to find a Cox Store. Services may be limited since a lot of their customer support is online, but if you must talk to someone or drop off any equipment you can find a location near you.

Cox support wifi

Cox Support:

My tip is, don't wait until you have an internet outage to become familiar with the website and customer support!

Chances are, you're in a hurry, stressed, and trying to navigate the website on your mobile device while trying not to use too much data. If that happens, it can be harder to find what you need to know.

Head over here to Cox Customer Support Page and explore the site for different help links and also access the Speed Test.

Cox Sign In Information:

Keep in mind, Cox Business Login and the residential Cox sign in are two different links. Be sure you're in the correct login on the home page to access your account.

Cox support Internet

Cox Outage Map:

If you think the internet may be down due to a Cox Outage, follow the directions on the website and be sure to check before resetting your home internet. You can find the desktop link here.

overloaded internet

Lower Your Internet Bill:

If you feel that you are being charged way to much for your bill or you just can't afford it anymore, simply call and let Cox know what you are dealing with before you decide to switch services. Just simply tell them you are thinking about switching because you can no longer afford and see what kind of discounts they may be able to help you with. Also don't forget to go over your bill line by line to make sure you are being charged properly or that their hasn't been an increase.

Modem Tips:

Having the right modem CAN affect your service. If you upgraded your speed, you may not have the equipment to take advantage of the bandwidth you are paying for. Check the services below to make sure you have the right kind of modem in your home. Here is a list of approved Cox Modems.

  • Service above a 100-200 MBPS -DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem
  • Panoramic Wifi -DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem (you will need to ask for this)

You can figure the DOCSIS version using the Cox Wifi app if you can find Gateway details and look up the model Name and Vendor. For example, the ARRIS TG1682G model is a DOCSIS 3.0.

In conclusion, if you're a Cox customer you may have experienced a cox cable outage or have had your Cox internet down here and there. Our tips are to be knowledgeable about your internet provider in general, and how to find resources to fix the problems when they do come up.

Shoutout: We appreciate all the hardworking, friendly customer service representatives and technicians that have helped us get our internet back in working order when it's been down! 🙂 It can be stressful when you depend on internet service for lots of devices and it's not working for one reason or another.

Feel free to share your helpful tips on your experiences as a consumer in the comments, or on Facebook! Remember, keep comments friendly and helpful!

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