Spring Car Care Tips from RepairSmith

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Are you in need of a Spring car care check up? If so, then this blog post is for you. There are many things that can go wrong with your vehicle during the winter months and it's important to make sure everything is taken care of before the warmer weather arrives. If not, there could be issues such as increased fuel efficiency, reduced driving range and more – some of which may not be obvious until it's too late! Check out these Spring Car Care Tips from RepairSmith. {sponsored by RepairSmith}

repairsmith care care tips
  1. Check your tire pressure and make sure it's not too low or to high. Below freezing temperatures can effect your tires durability. Also check your tires for any cuts, nicks, or scratches. Also look for weather cracking.
  2. Change the air filter to ensure that your engine is getting enough oxygen. This will improve fuel efficiency which will save you money on gas milage.
  3. Clean off any dirt or debris from the top of your car, as well as around the tires. Giving your car a good clean up can help keep paint from going dull.
  4. Replace any worn brake pads or other car parts that need replacement before they break down on you. During hard cold winter months, icy roads can put some wear and tear on your brakes.
  5. Get an oil change before summer starts and check for any signs of rust on metal parts underneath your vehicle. Oil changes can help keep your engine running longer.
  6. Check all your lights. Make sure you check all your head lights, tail lights, blinkers etc. Look for cracks or imperfections and even burnt out bulbs.
  7. Perform an inspection of all belts and hoses for wear and tear. Extreme temperatures are particularly hard on rubber components. Make sure there are no leaks. They should all feel firm yet pliant. If your belt is making any screeching sounds, it's definitely time to get them replaced.
  8. Replace your wiper blades. These need to be replaced annually. This way your not surprised when a heavy storm comes through.
  9. Do a Coolant Flush! During winter, antifreeze additives may be added to the coolant. This causes the engine to run hotter than normal, which means it will need to be flushed out at the end of winter.
  10. Replace your battery. Cold temperatures slow down the electrochemical reactions that provide the electricity needed to start your car. Test your battery and make sure the water inside the cells hasn't frozen. Some cars have cigarette lighter chargers that stay on all the time. So make sure you don't leave your phone plugged in when your car is off because it will drain the battery.

Avoid parking under trees during winter because they can cause damage to paint jobs once they start shedding leaves again in springtime. RepairSmith says this also a good time to keep up with your paperwork and check on your warranties. We spend a lot of money on our vehicles and keeping up with some of the small tasks can help extend the life of your car.

Spring is a great time to start fresh with your car. To help you get started, we’ve created this roundup of some Car Care Tips from RepairSmith that can take the stress out of getting ready for seasonal changes and keep your vehicle running smoothly all year long. Whether it’s an oil change or new tires, there are plenty of ways to prepare without spending too much money upfront. If you don't have any experience working on cars yourself, don't worry! The team at RepairSmith will be happy to answer any questions about how best to care for your car this spring and beyond. Don't wait another day – visit their website today!

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