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Keto Me Baby SodaStream Giveaway

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We are exited to bring you this SodaStream giveaway as part of our Keto Me Baby series. This Sodastream Giveaway was sponsored by SodaStream.

Please note: We do not follow a strict Keto diet. I may offer shortcuts and tips for those on a busy schedule.


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Following Doctor’s orders of drinking 8 glasses of water a day can be hard, resulting in pesky dehydration. Kick those H2O cravings to the curb by making one simple change to your daily routine, make your own sparking water in seconds with SodaStream. When you have your own sparkling water maker at home, or in the office, wondering what you should drink will no longer be issue. SodaStream will help you easily transform the way you drink water by making water exciting! Fresh bubbles bursting in your bottle, or freshly poured glass, with have an added sense of satisfaction knowing you created them. When you create your own drinks, you make smarter choices for your health, family, wallet, and the environment.

SodaStream CO2 cylinders power your sparkling water maker. With no batteries or electric cords needed, your SodaStream Fizzi can go anywhere on your counter! Each CO2 cylinder makes up to 60 liters of sparkling water. Grill aficionados know, to keep the party going, you always have a spare tank on hand. We recommend the same. When your CO2 cylinder is empty, if you have a spare on hand, your bubbles will keep popping. No spare? Simply exchange for a new one!

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My family started doing Keto in June of 2018. We chose to do Keto because my husband has Ankylosing Spondylitis and my son has horrible Psoriasis.

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