Checks Unlimited – 50% Off 4 Boxes of Checks ($9.49 Each!)

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Checks Unlimited – 50% Off!

checks unlimited

Checks Unlimited – 50% Off 4: $9.49 Each!

Right now you can score up to 50% off when you purchase 4 boxes of checks. Most of the designs will cost you $75.96 but when you use code HY7V the price of the 4 boxes drop to $37.98 ($9.49 per box). Licensed checks such as Disney, Ranger Rick and more are more expensive. Shipping was $9.80 for me. Click here to browse the checks.

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  1. I ordered these and did not receive boxes of checks, but pads…50 checks in each pad, not a box of 200, which use to be the standard. $10 a pack plus $4 handling plus shipping, was not a deal. Not sure if you knew that boxes were pads. Boxes contained 4 pads in the past. Now you get a box worth of checks when you buy 4 “boxes” through this offer.

    1. Hi Christine, thanks for the heads up! Yes, we assumed that 200 checks came in a box not 50. We appreciate you letting us know as this will not be something we post again!

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