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10 Benefits of Using Essential Oils

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Essential Oils

I never thought I would be posting 10 Benefits of Using Essential Oils. Let's start with some medical background on me. I have had really bad menstrual cramps all my life and for several tears I have been having problems with cysts.  I've already had my right tube and ovary removed. The cysts have seem to get worse over the years and I recently made another appointment with my gynecologist. He said Melissa you are not one to complain about pain. I really think with your past history we should try birth control pills for 3 months and if that doesn't help we may want to think about a Hysterectomy. I took the pills put them in my purse and busted out crying on the drive home. My husband grabbed my hand and told me everything is going to be ok and I will support you with whatever you want to do. Well, I certainly do not want a Hysterectomy and be on hormones for the rest of my life, I just have this strong feeling that this is not what God wants me to do at this point. I also don't really want to have to go on birth control pills either, I have heard that some people do well with them and many have bad side effects.

My cousin Chandria has been using essential oils for a while now, I sat back and watched how she was using them because I am not one to jump in on the newest health fads.   Again God put essential oils in my path when another friend of mine Denise talked about how she was having a hard time getting her baby to sleep and that she used peace and calming oil in a diffuser in her baby's room and it worked. She was even a little skeptical herself at first so she stopped using the oil diffuser and her baby was back to waking up at night. As soon as she started using the diffuser again, BINGO both mom and baby woke up well rested. Several weeks later I shared what was going on with me on Facebook and my friend Jennifer who is heavily into essential oils commented and said Melissa I really wish you would set down and talk with me about using essential oils. Again I am very leery about trying the latest diets and health crazes. So I made an appointment with her and was amazed. I bought a Young Living Kit THAT DAY!

I've been using the oils for several weeks now and I can tell you that using the Lemon and Lavender have helped my allergies tremendously. I now use these two instead of allergy medicine. Since my last period I was also having problems with my hormones. I would literally burst into tears for no reason at all. It was like I was completely sensitive to everything. I started using the Progessence Plus on my wrists once a day and I can tell you that my family doesn't have a crazy emotional woman running around the house anymore. I won't say that I won't cry or get upset about things but that is just natural, I have reasons now. Before I could just be sitting in church and literally tears were streaming down and I could not stop them for no reason at all. I just started an oil treatment for my cysts. I can't tell you if it is helping or not. I'll just be honest, it's going to take a while for this one. I may not even know anything until my next period comes which is when the pain usually happens with my cysts. However I will keep you updated on how they are working because if this could help people like me who are having different medical problems that would like to take a more natural approach then I would just praise God that he has allowed me to share this with you.

My biggest issue right now is everyone thinks they know what's best for you and want to give their opinion. I am here to tell you, you need to follow your heart, pray and ask God what he wants to do and not listen to everyone else.

*Update 11/7/13*

Monday night I put the Peace and Calming oil on Daniels feet. He slept. We forgot to put them on Tuesday night and he was up all night again. I put the oil on his feet again last night and he slept.

Hmm me thinks I see a trend here LOL!!!!!!!


10 Benefits of Using essential Oils

1. They are all natural! You need to do your research not all essential oils are pure. You want to make sure the oils you buy are pure and organic. Young Living harvests their own oils. Young living oils are safe for the skin and can even be ingested.

2. You can cook with them. (Rosemary, Lemon or Oregano)

3. No harmful side effects.

4. Kills airborne bacteria and effective against viruses.

5. Safe on pets. Purification  or theieves are great for fleas.

6. Natural Way to boost hormones.

7. Affordable when compared to today's healthcare costs.

8. Can be used as a cleaning agent.

9. I know exactly what ingredients are going on my family's body.

10. Ease pains and migraines.

What can Essential Oils do for you?

Peppermint is great for migraines, toothaches and allergies. Also helps fight against ticks and spiders.

Lemon is also great for allergies. Great for rubbing to leather and adding to dish soap dispenser to make dishes shine.

Lavender is great for restless sleep. It's also good for pet smells and first aid.

Thieves promotes immunity.

There are a ton of different oils and uses. I just wanted to give you a few. If you would like to know more about Young Living Oils or would like to get a kit. Please email me at : Melissa @consumerqueen.com

Right now you can get the Everyday Oils Essential Oil Collection and Diffuser for $150.

Disclosure: I am not a Dr. so always research what you put in your body. These are just my personal experiences.

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