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Summer is around the corner which means warm weather, and you might be thinking about your annual vacation. But even if you aren’t off to find a beach this summer, it’s still a good idea to update your summer style so that you have some nice new cute outfits to wear this season. If you are looking to update your wardrobe with some new summer clothes, there are plenty of ideas on what to wear in summer in the list below. Please note I do sometimes include affiliate links in which I make a small commission on.

What to Wear in Summer 2

Knit Dresses

If you love to wear a dress during those hot summer days, then you probably have plenty to choose from, but have you considered a knit dress? If not, this summer could be the best time to browse the online stores and choose a knit dress that will help to update your summer outfit wardrobe. 

A knit dress is perfect for the summer because it is stylish, cool, and colorful. Knit dresses tend to be full-length and have the same style as a patterned dress or a maxi dress. The difference is the materials used; knit dresses are often made with knitted wool that allows the air through. I love a good white dress with a denim jacket for a chic look.

Maxi Dresses

A maxi dress is the perfect summer fashion style which is probably why they are so popular. A maxi dress is comfortable and stylish; it can be worn on a day out in the town, to meet friends at an outdoor event, or on formal occasions. There are available in different styles and materials.  

If you want to buy new maxi dresses for the summer, there is plenty to choose from, maxi dresses might be popular, but they are also flexible; there is one to suit every style and shape. It’s worth having one or two maxi dresses in your summer wardrobe to give you options.   

Mini Skirts 

If you like to attend outdoor summer events like beach parties, park parties, or excursions with friends, you want to look stylish and feel comfortable. Mini skirts had there heyday in the 1960s, but that only makes them more fashionable today, in the defining era of retro throwbacks. 

It’s worth having a few mini skirts in your summer wardrobe to choose from; these items match with many types of clothing such as bikinis, tops, shirts, and summer sweaters. So whether you intend to go on vacation this year or not, it’s worth investing in a mini skirt that suits your style for hot weather.

Haram Pants

Harem pants are loose, colorful, and comfortable; they are perfect for a day at the beach or a day in the house. Harem pants are an extremely versatile form of clothing, you can wear them over shorts and bikinis, and they are super convenient if you have a daily yoga practice.  Thats why they always make for cute summer outfits.

Harem pants are usually made of thin material, cotton, or silk, depending on your budget or style. You will find that they can be worn in many different places and events, so you will never be without something cool and colorful to wear on those hot days – choose some harem pants.  

Oversized Shirts

Oversized shirts are something that you might associate with the 90s, but again, retro throwback trends mean that oversized shirts are back in fashion along with many other forms of classic fashion. But oversized shirts are also comfortable and practical – perfect for summer. 

Oversized shirts can be bought new or second hand, to find one that’s good for summer, you’re looking for one that has plenty of room to prevent you from sweating and allows you to wear it over a bikini, you’re also looking for one that is colorful and stylish for the summer season.

Crochet Dresses

Nowadays, anything goes, if you like the 90s throwback look, then that’s right on-trend, but if you prefer the 60s or the 20s, you can definitely rock those looks too! Crochet dresses are bang in the center of the 1960s; these hippie dresses are perfect for those with a peace-loving style.  

Crochet dresses come in different styles; some of them are simple maxi dresses, while others are skirt dresses or shift dresses. The thing that makes them a crochet dress is the patterns woven into the material using interlocking loops of yarn to make iconic color patterns. 

What to Wear in Summer

Shorts are a Must

Fast forward again a couple of decades, and you find 90s shorts on the beach. 90s shorts tend to be made of denim; they are rough around the edges and can be worn comfortably at the beach over a bikini. If you love to wear shorts, this allows you to loosen the button and waist for a slack easy look. 

If you intend to hit the beach this summer season and you have nostalgia for an attractive 90s style, then consider a good pair of shorts. Again, you can buy 90s shorts or jean shorts new or second-hand depending on your preference; the main requirement is that they are denim with a rough and loose style. A good pair of high waisted shorts are also great to have and they are coming back into style. A cute white blouse paired with a pair of blue shorts is a good option to beat that hot summer weather. Speaking of denim I still like to have a good pair of jeans and white jeans can be cute for spring/summer. They're the perfect thing to wear to beat that summer heat.

Printed Dresses

When it comes to summer fashion, you need something that is cool and stylish; ideally, you also want clothing items that are multi-purpose; in other words, you need a classic style like a printed dress. Printed dresses have been stylish through the ages, and there are several good reasons why. 

Printed dresses tend to be full-length dresses, although you can find them as shift dresses (short dresses) or more formal wrap dresses. What sets them apart is the printed detail on the cloth that is usually colorful and perfect for the hot days of summer. The dresses work well with a straw hat.   

Embroidered Skirt 

If you want t skirt that’s a bit more substantial, then consider an embroidered skirt. If you’re at a beach party, there’s a time for thin materials, but as the sun goes down and the fire comes on, you might start to feel a bit chilly – this is the best time to put on your embroidered skirt. 

An embroidered skirt is typically heavier than other summer skirts. Embroidered skirts can be made using cotton that gives them a bit more weight and substance; alternatively, the skirt can be made with softer materials and embroidered with patterns which also gives it more weight. 

Midi Skirt

A midi skirt can be described as any skirt that sits around two inches below the knees, right down to above the ankles. These skirts can be waist skirts or other forms of skirts such as a skirt dress or a shift dress. Needless to say, midi dresses are practical and perfect for summer. 

Most women have a selection of midi skirts for the summer months; these skirts are typically waist skirts that can be worn on their own or over swimwear or shorts. It’s the versatility and the style of midi skirts that make them so popular and useful for the summer – so buy yours today. 

puff sleeved blouse

Puff Sleeve Blouse

Wind the clock back even further, and you have the Victorian era; when people hear Victorian, they tend to think of stuffy styles and dark colors, but the Victorians were equally interested in looking stylish. That’s one reason puff sleeve blouses are an interesting summer fashion option.

Picture a Victorian lady wearing a corset with puffed-out shoulders, that’s the inspiration for puff sleeve blouses, but these days they are modern and practical. A puff sleeve blouse still has large shoulders, but it’s not buttoned the same way, and they tend to be more colorful today. You can even find some that are beaded or sequined for evening formal wear.

Striped Tunic 

The swinging 20s was a top time for fashion; both men and women established the styles of the time, which included boating hats, sharp suit jackets, tunics, and loose knee-length dresses. But it’s the tunic we’re interested in here, in particular the striped tunic that’s perfect for vacations. 

If you want something stylish and comfortable to wear on a vacation boat trip, then look into a striped tunic. This outfit includes a pair of loose white shorts that can be worn comfortably over swimwear and a loose one-piece tunic top that protects you from the sun and feels airy.   

Oxford Shirts 

If you prefer the preppy look, then you might like to wear an Oxford shirt during the summer months. An Oxford shirt is a classing shirt with a collar often; they come with pinstripes or another pattern that looks equally professional. But you don’t have to wear them to an academic conference; instead, open the sleeves and unbutton the shift, wear with a shady hat and chinos. 

Striped Sweaters

The idea of wearing a sweater might not appeal to you when you think about stocking up your summer wardrobe, but make sure you consider sweaters, so you don’t miss out. Sweaters or long-sleeved shirts are associated more with winter, but there are plenty of styles available for the summer months as well. These sweaters are typically thinner and airier; wear them with slippers and loose jeans. They are great for when your checking that weather forecast and you might not want to wear a bulky rain jacket but just need a little extra coverage. They are also great if you have an office job where they always have the air conditioning cranked up.

Pajama Clothing

Pajamas are loose, light, and comfortable, so it was only a matter of time before they were upgraded and used as summer wear as well. We're not talking about your “people of Walmart PJ's”. There are some pajama clothing now that you can't even tell their pajamas. Brands are really stepping up their game and coming up with some cute styles.Pajama clothing is perfect for the summer months; it can be worn over your swimwear and taken off easily when you reach the beach or the pool. Pajama clothing is perfect for the hot days of summer or when you want to relax on vacation.  


Summer outfit ideas wouldn't be complete without several pairs of shoes to bring together that perfect look. A cute pair of flat sandals or flip flops would be great for walking on the beach or to accessorize with that printed dress. A comfortable pair of lighter weight white sneakers can complete a casual look for running around town doing errands. Once you have the perfect pair of shoes you may want to accessorize with a cute summer hat, a bucket bag or a light scarf. Let's not forget a stylish pair of sunglasses.

What ever you choose for your you new summer wardrobe just remember to pick items of clothing that you absolutely, that bring your joy when you wear it. Wether it's light fabrics that make the perfect travel essentials for that summer trip or neutral colors that can go with everything, buy the types of clothing that are well made and will last. This will help with your budget in the long run.

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