Frugal Tip! Make your mascara last longer!

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I have to admit that sometimes I’m…we’ll say frugal! I got a great deal on a generic brand of mascara so I bought a few. When I was out of them I “splurged” and bought a name brand. I forgot what it was like to have nice mascara! I’ll never go back to the cheap stuff again! But sometimes it seems like it dries out before it’s all gone. Here’s tip to make it last longer. Just add a few drops of saline solution or eye-drops to the tube. Then insert the wand, give it a few pumps and it’s just like new!! Start out with a just a couple drops. I was a little too excited and added like 5 at once which may have been too much. And please make sure that you are only putting sterile solution or drops in there, plain water is not a good idea because it can increase that chance of bacteria and infection.


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  1. I would reccomend not to pump your mascara because it pushes air in and can help create harmful bacteria. Instead swirl your wand around the tube. 🙂

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