Frugal weed killers

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I don’t know about you but I hate weeds in my garden. I also hate the expense of store bought weed killers.

Here are some homemade weed killers:

Pickling vinegar- You can also use regular vinegar but it will not work as quick. Be sure to get it near the root. I like to use an old dish detergent bottle for this. I like being able to squeeze the bottle and have the vinegar shoot out at the root. This seems to work better than a spray bottle at directing the stream (plus it is a way to repurpose your bottles).

Salt- Salt is a great way to kill the weeds. Salt will ruin the soil though so use in areas that you REALLY do not want any weeds in.

Bleach- Same as salt. Bleach will ruin the soil so use it areas you REALLY do not want to have anything grow (like on your driveway).

Newspaper- If you are not looking for something immediate or you are planning on planting something in an area in a few weeks cover it with newspaper. The more newspaper you put the better. Since the weeds are not getting any sunlight they cannot grow.

Boiling water-Pouring boiling water over weeds will cook the weeds and they will die.

Corn meal- Once you have grown plants and your garden is weeded, sprinkle some corn meal on the ground. Corn meal prevents seeds from growing into plants; it will therefore prevent the weeds from sprouting, but not affect your plants.

Hot sauce- Since hot sauce is mainly salt and vinegar this is understandable.

NOTE: With many of these it could kill your plants also. Make sure to direct your placement of these items away from any plants you want to keep. We have not personally tested every idea listed. As always use with caution and test a small area.As always please use any home remedy with caution.

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