3 Best Ways to Indulge Your Love of Shopping Without Breaking the Bank

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The saying, “shop till you drop,” should probably be more along the lines of, “shop till you don’t go broke buying unnecessary things that clutter your home and life.” Not as catchy, is it? The truth is that as much as we love some good retail therapy, retail spending doesn’t always end well if we aren’t smart about how we buy things. Besides being more conscious of how and what we consume, it’s also a good idea to adopt some healthy shopping boundaries that give you the most bang for your buck. These smart shopping tips will help you enjoy shopping more while saving money and getting the most out of your purchases.

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Be a Trendsetter, Not a Follower

It’s easy to log onto Instagram and immediately be caught up in all the latest fashion and beauty trends. Products that your favorite influencers are sporting could be easily accessible and even offered at an exclusive discount with their promo code. You might think you need this limited time offer, but do you see yourself using it more than once? The initial pull of most products and retails spending is all they’re good for. After a few weeks, they fall to the back of everyone’s minds and closets. Rather than getting caught up in the hype, focus on shopping only when you feel like it. Let yourself naturally discover true gems that you adore rather than throwing your money away on every trendy piece that’s probably going to be old news before it even arrives at your doorstep.

Invest in Things That Make You Happy

You might think everything you buy makes you happy, but the better question to ask is how long do you feel good after buying this? If your mood only lifts for a little bit before you’re back online looking for another good deal, then it’s likely you’re investing in the wrong places. Choose to buy things that have long-term use and longer lasting effects. Consider a subscription box, for example, which not only gives you more for your money but also gives you something to anticipate each month. The excitement can stave off the desire to repeatedly shop for little things that don’t do much but take up space.

If you want something less material than clothes or beauty products, why not pamper yourself with fresh flowers? With a Bloomsy plan you can receive handpicked, farm-fresh bouquets to your doorstep weekly or monthly. You’ll be able to smile every time you see the beautiful arrangements on your desk or table.

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Don’t Fall Prey to Retail Spending Ultimatums

When you’re browsing a site or in the store, make sure you aren’t persuaded to buy something you don’t need based on a last minute or final offer. Usually, these scarce deals actually run for a week or more, and chances are, the item didn’t sell well, which is why the retailer is trying so hard to get rid of their inventory now. If you’re a huge fan of a store, it’s even easier to be tempted by a pop-up ad offering you a 15 percent discount or special deal on clearance items. But these campaigns only encourage impulsivity and overspending. Be mindful of what you want whenever you go shopping; this will allow you to focus only on the products that matter to you without being thrown off course by an ad.

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