Have you heard about Prepaid Forever Priority Mail Flat Rate Shipping from USPS?

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I just got an email today from the United States Postal Service that I almost deleted.  It was talking about PrepaidForever Priority Mail Flat Rate Shipping.  With Prepaid Forever Priority Mail Flat Rate Shipping I would pay for flat rate boxes that already have the postage attached to them.  I would pay today's price and they are good forever.  At first I thought nah, I am not interested since I do not ship that much….then it hit me CHRISTMAS.  During Christmas time I ship a lot of boxes since my family is all out of state.  If I purchase these boxes online, then they mail me the boxes with the postage already on them and then go online to schedule carrier pickup I could actually bypass the long lines at the post office during Christmas time.  This may actually be a good idea.  Since I did not see where you can just buy 1 box at a time I am waiting until closer to Christmas to buy the boxes so I know exactely what I need.  This could actually save me time and money.  I do however need to figure out how often I ship and how big of boxes I need.

Are you going to be using the Prepaid Forever Priority Mail Flat Rate Forever Packaging?

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