How to make Greek-Style Yogurt and Yogurt Cheese!

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I was just in the kitchen getting some yogurt ready to make my own strawberry frozen yogurt (If it turns out good I'll show you!).  The recipe calls for thick yogurt and since I make my own yogurt it's always thin. I wanted to share with you how to thicken yogurt, so it's more like Greek yogurt!

All you need is cheese cloth and a bowl! Cheese cloth isn't hard to find, I found it in the craft section of Walmart. It's very thin so you need to use multiple layers. I use about 6 layers. Put the yogurt in the center and then take the corners and tie them together. I just hang mine from a knob on my cabinets and let gravity do the rest! Place a bowl underneath to catch the liquid, whey, that is draining. The process will take a few hours so just keep checking until it's the consistency that you prefer!

To make yogurt cheese you just do the same thing, only let it drain until all of the whey is gone. The yogurt will be about the same consistency as cream cheese and can be used as a healthier substitute. I mix it with fresh herbs and it makes wonderful cheese balls!

Who knew you could do so much with yogurt?! So next time you get an amazing deal on yogurt, here's something new you can try!



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  1. I make my own yogurt, and have found if I use my electric heating pad during the “curing” process, it thickens up really well.

  2. Great tip. I’m a lazy girl, but I’d like to try this tip you offer. Smart people always can think out good tips for living a better life. I will try it.

  3. I LOVE yogurt cheese. I use a strainer and a couple of white paper towels and place in a bowl in the fridge overnight. (I have heard coffee filters work too) I have used to replace cream cheese in desert dishes as well as in making oopsies “bread”. I also make dip with fresh herbs, onion, and garlic or one of my favorites…some dry ranch dressing mix.

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