Naturally Dyed Eggs…you can’t get anymore natural than this!

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We have all seen the ways to naturally dye eggs. You can use blueberries, cabbage, teabags…etc. I didn’t use any of those things on these eggs. These are the most naturally dyed eggs you can get! The hens themselves dyed them! I never knew that chickens could lay eggs in such an array of colors. Eggs can be white, pink, blue, brown and even green! The picture is from eggs that I got from my own backyard! I have a chicken that lays blue eggs, 3 that lay brown and a smaller chicken that lays little white eggs. So if you are looking for naturally dyed eggs I urge you to go support your local farmer’s market! It’s a fun alternative to the traditional dying methods!

Do we have any other chicken keepers out there? I’m planning on doing a post about how easy and beneficial it is to keep your own backyard chickens! So be on the look out for it!


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  1. We have chickens in our yard for bug control and eggs. Most are just little bantams but we do have 3 Polish and 2 Cochins. We believe kids need to learn where their food comes from and responsibility for taking care of them.

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