Must Have Products For Essential Oil Users

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Essential Oil products

For those of you who have been following my essential journey and share the same passion, I have been doing some research and found the following products that I have either bought or have it on my list to buy for essential oil journey. Take a look at the list below and see if any of them tickle your fancy.

Essential Oils Pocket Reference – The Essential Oils Pocket Reference is my go to guide for using essential oils. I love that has two sections. You can either look up your symptoms to find what oil to use or look up by the oil you bought to find more uses. It's even small enough to put in your purse. I think this book is a MUST for all essential oil users! You can also get the large desk reference as well.

The Animal Desk Reference: Yes, essential oils can be used on your pets too. The Animal Desk Reference is your guide on what oils can be used on your pets and where to use them. I use the essential oils on ” The Royal Dogs ” and I love it is safe for them.

Glass Bottles – It's important to only your essential oils in glass because the essential oils will pull out the toxins in your paper or plastic cups etc.

  • 2 oz Spray Bottle – Great to make a lavender pillow mist etc.
  • 4 oz Spray Bottle– Great for making a flea and tick spray, mosquito repellent, pet deodorizer and more.
  • 16 oz Spray Bottle – Perfect for using your thieves cleaner or any other homemade cleaner you may make. There is also an 8 oz size if you want something smaller. You can also just buy a trigger sprayer and use any glass bottle that has a screw on lid live vinegar or Don Pierrier.
  • Refillable Roll on Perfume Bottles – This is the perfect size for your purse. Make your own remedies like Headache Relief or any others you might be using. I love using the roller bottles.
  • Glass Soap Dispensers – Could also be used for lotions etc.
  • This 20 piece Loving Essential Oils Kit may be a good  starter set for some.
  • I use the 4 oz Ball Quilted Jars for my Homemade Pain Cream, Homemade Stretch Mark Cream and more. They are so pretty and can be used to give as gifts.
  • I absolutely HEART this 6pc Mason Jar Set with Straws and Lids. I have been looking for a cute set that is glass with colored lids and could not find them anywhere. They have a cut burlap wrap that velcros around them and can be taken off when you throw them in the dishwasher.
  • Glass water bottles with rubber on the outside for on the go.
  • Looking for glass straws? We found them too!
  • I bought this personalized glass pitcher from Personal Creations and I get so many compliments on it.

Essential Oils carrying Case – This case holds up to 30 bottles of essential oils.

Non GMO Coconut Oil – Coconut oil is an awesome carrier oil and I use to make a lot of my creams such as the pain cream and stretch mark cream.

Non GMO Vegetable Capsules – I use non GMO vegetable capsules to take all my oils by mouth and they are so easy to use.

Haven't gotten into essential oils yet? You are missing out on all their health benefits. Check out my Young living Essential Oils website as well many ways you can use them.


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