Kitchen Tip: Easy Cheese Grater Hack!

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Grate your cheese easier with this Cheese Grater Hack! This one is so easy, you might be surprised why you haven't seen it before!

Coconut Oil Spray grater hack

Easy Cheese Grater Hack:

I remember when I was younger one of my jobs would be to grate the cheese for dinner. It wasn't always my favorite because the cheese would get stuck and then I would have chunks instead of shredded cheese. This tip would have helped make grating cheese easier!

Just take your cheese grater and give it a quick spray with your non-stick spray. That's it! A cold block of cheese is much easier to grate on the smooth, non-stick surface of the cheese grater.

Of course you do want your cheese cold, since room temp cheese will not look as appetizing or “pretty” after you're done grating it. Just use your non-stick Coconut oil or non-stick vegetable oil spray and you're ready to go.

Grate Butter

Love the Cheese Grater Hack? See this Awesome Kitchen Tip:

A while back I was making my favorite coffee cake which calls for cold butter mixed into the flour. The recipe stated to take two forks and “chop” the flour until finely ground. which basically means it needs to be evenly distributed in the flour mixture This part of the recipe took FOREVER! It actually meant I wouldn't make the recipe if I was short on time since there was really no easy way to chop up butter without it melting or just becoming giant clumps.

One day it dawned on me to just use my cheese grater to cut up the butter. Whoa. Did it work! I actually used the smaller grater– the one that doesn't work as well for cheese. Either one will work, however.

This trick saves me so much time and I still use it whenever I need to finely cut or shred butter. Again, using cold butter is a must! Handle the butter as minimally as possible since the butter does melt quickly from the warmth of your hands. Use a butter knife to scrape any excess butter off the grater. Add to your butter to use in your recipe.

The funny thing is since this time, I've seen this hack mentioned on a few cooking shows. I was always proud that I discovered it on my own!

Do you have any fun kitchen “hacks” to share? Or any way of doing something in the kitchen your grandma shared with you that made life easier? Be sure to leave us a comment on Facebook!

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