Best Way to Organize Your Spices

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Check out this fun modern idea for spice rack that is trending on social media.

Old pantry spice rack

Yes, Organizing Your Spices is Important!

When I posted my photo of my spice rack on Facebook, I had no idea people were going to be so excited about it. While being stuck at home for so long and tired of my pantry looking over crowded, I eventually decided to make a switch.

If you're looking for a small project–low budget– that will really bring a dramatic change to a cabinet you probably use multiple times per day, it's time to organize your spice rack! Now that it's all so nice and organized, I can't believe I was dealing with it so long the way it was. Not only did we have spices we didn't use that got in the way, but I was wasting time in the kitchen every time I went to look for spices!

How to Organize Your Spice Cabinet & Spice Rack:

First, I went through all of my spices and got rid of my expired ones. Then I organized all of them by putting all the doubles together (more than one bottle of the same spice).

I then decided which ones I wanted to keep and which ones I just need to giveaway or throw away.

Making Your Spice Bottles Uniform:

I buy my spices in bulk so I found that these 6oz Jars with bamboo lids were perfect to buy my spice jars in bulk as well. I bought 4 sets. I really only needed 40 which left me with 8 extras but these jars sell out fast and are really hard to find so I figured having a few extra on hand couldn't hurt.

Spice bottles

If these are sold out by the time you make a decision to purchase, bookmark the link and check often , but honestly if they are in stock grab them now because they will sell out quick.

Please note these are just the jars I chose. You can find anything that you love! Remember, choose 6 oz or smaller for jars and make sure they seal. I prefer glass jars, since metal or other materials can interact with what you store in them, long term.

Depending on the space these jars might be too wide for you and if they are you can get the same look with these taller, skinnier jars that I found for my mother in law.

Spice Rack- new labels

Next Up: Label Those Jars!

I purchased the modern labels for spice jars on Etsy. I did a custom order of 40 because I always find that the sets have labels I won't use and don't include ones I want. I also chose size 1.8″ squares. This gal does a fantastic job on her labels, I am thinking I need just a few more for some extra spices I just bought.

Spice Rack- example of new Marjoram spice bottle


This is my list of 40 labels for spice jars that I use and what I ordered. Feel free to copy it or order your own. This idea for spice rack is much better than what I had before and I love that it was customizable.

All Spice
Bay Leaves
BBQ Pork Rub
Black Pepper
Cayenne Pepper
Celery Seed
Chili Powder
Dill Seed
Everything But The Bagel
French Onion Soup
Garlic Powder
Garlic SALT
Ground Mustard
Italian Seasoning
Lemon Pepper
Montreal Chicken
Onion Flakes
Onion Powder
Pink Himalayan Salt
Pumpkin Spice
Ranch Seasoning
Seasoning salt
Smoked Paprika
Taco Seasoning
White Pepper
Whole Peppercorns

Choosing an Organizer

As far as organizing them, I bought two sets of these these acrylic spice racks, I love them because I can fit about 5 jar on each shelf so we did a total of 8 shelves.

My husband loves to cook so he was really exited about this project. I was able to get all my spices on the wall which gave me 2 extra free shelves for organizing my pantry.

idea for spice rack; Spice Rack photo

I love the modern clean look for this idea for spice rack. By the way, I also forgot to mention that the labels are numbered!

This step is totally optional, but I also love it because it helps keep them in order. No matter who is cooking in the kitchen, the numbers are just a mental reminder of exactly where the spices go in the pantry! (ahem hubby proof lol)

I hope this DIY has been helpful, and you can take advantage of a few of our ideas. Remember, you can make it your own! Check out some of our other Lifestyle Posts! Happy Organizing. 🙂

P.S. Stay Tuned for my pantry Organizing post!



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