Clever ways to Reuse Essential Oil Bottles

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If you are trying to cut back on the waste in your home, then a good place to start is with products you use. When I come across an almost empty essential oil bottle, I instantly start thinking of what I can do with this tiny empty bottle. If you love to use essential oils the way I do, you’ll have a lot of empty bottles in no time. Here are some clever ways to reuse those essential oil bottles.

Make a portable hand cleanser

Those tiny essential oil bottles are the perfect size for a portable hand sanitizer. Add a spritzer top to your bottle, and you’re good to go! Here’s a recipe for DIY hand sanitizer.

DIY Custom Perfumes

Make your own perfume by adding a spritzer to any essential oil bottle. To make your own perfume mix 12-20 drops of a base essential oils such as vanilla or cedarwood, 25-30 drops of middle tone oils such as lavender or rose, and 12-15 drops of top note oils such as wild orange and let the mixture sit for a few days. Then add 4 oz of alcohol and cap tightly.

Create your own sample or travel size

Refill the bottle halfway with a new bottle of essential oil. Store the half empty bottle in your purse to carry with you on the go, or give it to a friend who has been wanting to give essential oils a try.

Travel Size Set

Creating a set of travel essential oils is great for travel, especially on planes with volume limits. Use your empty essential oil bottles to create a travel set of all your favorites to take with you when you go on trips.

Create a Roller Bottle

Using a roller ball insert, turn your empty bottle into a roller bottle! Start with an empty essential oil bottle, and choose a roller bottle blend you want to make. Add a few drops of essential oil to the empty bottle. Fill the rest about two-thirds full with a carrier oil, and put on the new roller ball insert. Gently shake to mix the oils.
There are so many ways to reuse essential oil bottles when you’ve run out. We hope that you are able to use your imagination and find fun new ways to repurpose your empty bottles!

New to Using Essential Oils?

Why Choose Young Living Oils!

I took me a good 6 months to decide to even use essentials oils but after doing my research I chose Young Living Oils. Why? Well, they are the only company that was completely open to me visiting their farm and distillery to check out how authentic and pure their products are. Everyone else said no. So it just so happens that I got to visit the Lavender farm and distillery in Utah to see for myself. Also I love the fact that Young Living Oils do not have an expiration date and that they can be ingested. They guarantee that no pesticides are used on the plants that they grow for their oils.

You see my grandmother used to plant peppermint in her garden and she would pluck a leaf off and put it straight in her mouth or in her tea. You should be able to do this with your oils. The FDA says you only have to have 5-10% pure oil to be considered pure. That means you could be ingesting a lot of chemicals with other brands if you are not carefully doing your own homework.

Once I get my kit, how will I know what oils to use? 

You can take advantage of great discounts by becoming a Young Living Distributor. You do this by ordering a starter kit at any time. This kit has your most commonly used oils so you’ll be all set on your journey to a healthier you.  Joining means you become a part of the family. We offer online and offline classes. We also offer a private Facebook group that provides support and information for all of our team members. Don’t let the term “Distributor” worry you. Being a distributor costs nothing and means you get to take advantage of the discount; even if you never sell a single bottle!

What else does YoungLiving Offer?

Young Living also offers a way for your to earn FREE OILS with every purchase you make. We will make sure you have all that information when you sign up.

Young Living also offers an extensive line of health and beauty products, supplements and cleaners. They even have oils for babies and pets.

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  1. We have tried the morphine bomb with wonderful results for my husband , myself, my daughter and my brother has now felt the relief for foot spur pain. I was wondering what other benefits beside the pain relief might go along with ingesting these particular oils. to me it stands to reason there could also be other benefits. Would like to hear your thoughts on this.
    Thank you
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