How to Ripen Strawberries – It’s REALLY Easy!

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Do you hate buy strawberries only to find that a lot of them are not ripe? Keep reading to find out How to Ripen Strawberries!

how to ripen strawberries

How to Ripen Strawberries – The Easy Way

I love strawberries! What I don't like is finding them unripe at the store. For the longest time I thought there was no way to get them to ripen after bringing them home as I noticed they got moldy real quick in the containers if not eaten. I recently found an easy peasy way to get them to turn red and wanted to pass it on to you guys.

Quick & Easy Steps to Juicy Red Strawberries:

  1. The first thing to do is get them out of those containers and spread them out on a dish or cookie sheet depending on how many you have to ripen. Don't wash them or cut off the tops. 
  2. Place them so they aren't touching and then place them in a place they won't be disturbed. I just keep them on the kitchen counter. 
  3. Be patient, it takes a couple of days for them to ripen. 
  4. Keep an eye on them – they can go from ripe to brown or moldy quick! 
  5. Once they're ripe you can freeze them or wash and enjoy!
  6. You can also cut them up, sprinkle some sugar on them and store them in a bowl. I only do this if I am going to use them in a recipe right away where sugar is needed or making a simple syrup.

I bought 5 packs at Aldi today for 99¢ – a great price! After my berries are ripe, I'll wash them, cut off the tops and then freeze them. That way I'll have strawberries whenever I want them ๐Ÿ™‚

Recipes to Use Your Strawberries In:

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    1. Hi Debra, I personally have used this method many times and it works. I will say it probably wouldn’t work on very unripe strawberries that have a lot of green – it would take too long. Just keep an eye on them and soon as they ripen, use them that day or freeze them. Hope this helps

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