Favorite Banana Recipes for Leftover Bananas

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Bananas are an essential when we go shopping but I always end up with a few extras. See Favorite Banana Recipes you can make to keep them from going to waste!

I never know how many bananas to add to our shopping cart! It seems like I end up with too few or too many. If I am ending up with extras or if they go brown a little faster than normal, I tend to throw them out. However, they don't have to go to waste! Just add them to a recipe and you can use bananas way beyond the day you would normally decide they were too soft to just eat!


See some of my favorite recipes here!

Maple Banana Nut Bread

Maple Banana Nut Bread Wrapped

This Maple Banana Bread recipe is a nice one bowl recipe. I whipped it up in no time using my KitchenAid Mixer, but you can just use any good mixing bowl and spoon.  I put my entire mix into a well greased loaf pan and into the oven to let it do its magic. Who doesn’t love that banana bread smell?! It’s just heavenly.  Even if you don’t care for bananas, that smell just warms up the house this time of year. Delicious!

Amazing Banana Pudding Recipe:

amazing banana pudding

This Amazing Banana Pudding Recipe will knock their socks off! Everyone will be coming back for seconds on this traditional made from scratch dessert!

Banana Nut Pancakes

banana nut pancakes

One of my favorite things to make with over-ripe bananas has always been traditional Banana Nut Bread.  I grew up eating it so it has always been my go-to.  But when my Aunt in Texas made Banana Nut Pancakes for us one morning on our Spring Break visit I knew that Banana Nut Pancakes would be the next thing I would make with my old bananas.  So this morning I whipped up a batch of yummy Banana Nut Pancakes and we all left the breakfast table with full, happy tummies!

Starbucks Copycat Banana Bread

copycat banana bread

I walked into my kitchen and saw that (once again) we had not eaten the fruit I bought before it managed to over ripen, virtually before our eyes.  In fact, I realized my bananas had turned black! Well, in my house, that just means it’s time for banana bread! However, the running joke used to be that nobody makes better banana bread than Starbucks! Well, that may not be entirely true anymore. Mine is pretty darn good nowadays! And it tastes remarkably like like what my coffee shop sells. Now, I’m always of the mindset that nothing tastes better than something someone else made, but my pocketbook has shown me that this isn’t always the case… Anyone else feel this too??? Try our Starbucks Copycat Banana But Bread.

banana chips

I have this fuzzy memory from my childhood of banana chips. I was probably around 5 years old. I was the baby of the family so I got to spend a lot of time alone with my mom. I went to half day kindergarten ( I wish they still had that!) This meant that I got to eat lunch with my mom. I remember going to the salad bar at the grocery store. We would build an amazing salad. Then we would grab a bag of banana chips and head home. We would eat our lunch while watching Sesame Street. I was a little obsessed with Big Bird. I still remember the sweet crunch of those banana chips!

Blueberry Banana Coffee Cake

Blueberry Banana Coffee Cake

Sometimes I just get in the mood to bake! It hit me the other day. I was craving something yummy, warm and crumbly! I looked around my kitchen and found a few bananas that needed to be used and a handful of blueberries that were in the freezer. I decided to make this Blueberry Banana Coffee Cake.

Double Chocolate Banana Bread

Double Chocolate Banana Bread

I noticed that my bananas were going brown, perfect for banana bread!  This time I wanted to try something a little different. Over the summer I would make this recipe for Chocolate Zucchini Bread, it turned in my picky eater’s favorite treat! So I decided to try some chocolate banana bread and then why not make it double chocolate?! It has bananas in it so it’s still healthy, right?!

Peach & Banana Muffins

peach and banana muffins

I’m always looking for ways to use up ripe bananas. Of course banana bread is a classic but sometimes I get adventures and try new things! I live in Georgia, the peach state! So right now there are beautiful ripe peaches being sold at the farmers markets. This muffin recipe combines peaches and bananas together to make a yummy…pretty healthy…breakfast! Check out these Peach Banana Muffins.

Greek Yogurt Blueberry Banana Bread

greek yogurt blueberry banana bread

I loved baking and cooking with Greek Yogurt! Here’s another great recipe to try! I’m a huge fan of banana bread! Try our Greek Yogurt Blueberry Banana Bread.

Gluten Free Crockpot Banana Nut Bread

gluten free banana nut bread

Banana Nut Bread in a crockpot? Oh Yes You can! It's so easy and delicious. This one is also Gluten Free.

banana sushi

Banana Sushi

What kid wouldn’t love banana sushi?! Let them pick the ingredients. My daughter wanted banana, peanut butter and a little nutella. My nephew likes his with granola in place of the banana. Wrap it up in a whole wheat tortilla and slice it up. I bet all the other kids at school will be trying to trade what’s in their lunch for this! Try our Banana Sushi and other fun treats.

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