10 Awesome Solar Garden Lights You Need this Summer!

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Solar Garden Lights are so popular right now! Whether you want to make your own or purchase a set, here are some awesome ideas!

awesome solar garden lights

Awesome Solar Light Roundup

I was excited to see some new ideas in solar garden lights. If you follow our blog you may know we've created a larger outdoor seating area and raised garden along the back of our fence, in our back yard. We have a few lights out there but I always have an eye out for new and fun lighting ideas.

This isn't a sponsored post, just a round up of Amazon products that we think would be fun additions to your garden this year!

JASCO ENBRIGHTEN Landscape Lights Deck (1 of 1)

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We've rounded up some of the coolest Solar Lights online right now!

Butterfly Garden Lights:

These butterfly lights would be so fun to mix and match with traditional pathway lights! Love the colors.

Shop Here

Honey Bee String Lights with Solar Power for Ground or Trees

I keep seeing the Honey Bee theme now, and had to include these lights. This set is actually a string light set (16 ft) with a solar box to power your lights. This would work for along a longer garden, or even around a tree or trellis.

Find this Honey Bee String Light Set Here

Colorful Pathway Lights

If you like the look of traditional Pathway Lights but need to add some color to the garden, these Colorful Pathway Lights might be just right! Again you can mix and match with a second set or arrange these as accent pieces in the garden.

See this set here. 

Color Changing Mosaic Solar Light Sphere

This one has our interest because of the affordable price and the fact that it is pretty decent size for the money! You can place this one on an outdoor table top for a center piece or in the garden as a statement piece.

I like this one as a gift idea for someone starting a garden! It's so pretty. For spring I am thinking Mother's Day!

Shop Here

Cactus Stake Solar Light 2-Pk

Know anyone with a Cactus theme? These stakes are SO cute and would be perfect for a rock or succulent garden, or to brighten up and fill in an empty space in the larger pots or garden barrel.

These come in a 2 pack and there are several varieties of cacti to choose from. They also have a single pineapple option.

Purchase Here

Cafe String Lights with Solar Power Box!

Ok, I didn't even know they made these! I have considered Cafe Lights for several places in the garden but was frustrated since we don't have electrical outlets all over the place –of course.

This set of string lights has a solar powered box, so that opens up so many more options for placement. You can even do a back fence or trellis. You can switch off and on, but it does not appear to have an electrical component (that we could tell from description). This is something to think about if you live in an area with very limited light. This set is 20′ long.

Purchase here.

Lantern Solar Lights with “Dancing Flame” Appearance

We had to include some lantern style lights on this list, since they are so peaceful and go with so many decor styles.

You can hang these on simple garden stakes with a hanging hook, which can be found at any big box store or online.

This 2-pack is a bit higher on price but they are almost 7″ tall so larger than many garden lanterns. Because these don't involve a ground stake, they are also portable and ideal for camping.

Shop Here

Patterned and Cut Metal Solar Garden Lights

We love the look of intricately cut metals, especially on the porch or patio. You can find many design options on these, of course. The light pattern makes its own design on the ground with this lantern light. Made of Stainless Steel.

Shop Here

Hanging Mason Jar Lantern Lights

This six pack of hanging mason jars is solar powered, so you won't have ugly cords everywhere, and you can also hang them along a fence or on garden stakes. These are super cute and go great with a farmhouse look! Sold as a set of 6.

Shop Here

Fence Mount Solar Garden Lights

Finally, if you have a big fence, or want to light up the garden from above, or have larger shrubs that will overtake ground level lights, consider lighting up your outdoor space from above with larger fence mount lights.

This set of four lights has a classic look and is not overly priced. You can always spread these lights out further if two sets is not in the budget.

Shop Here

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