Free Shampoo at CVS

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Today I went to CVS to see if maybe the candy bars were still on sale and they were not darn it! I did however scan my card to see what coupons printed out and out popped a coupon for $1/1 and CVS hair care item. My Coupon expires 3/10/10.

I found shampoo & conditioner for .99 which has no name brand? It looks like store brand. I asked the cashier and she said she thought they were new. So she scanned it and it worked. Let me know if you find out something different. I find it odd that there is no name on the bottles?

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  1. OK…time to go back to CVS this week. Goodness knows I need more shampoo…LOL. I got 3 this week alone. No excuses for dirty hair in this house!

  2. But mine were not from CVS yet only HE from Homeland! Need some CVS shampoo. Cannot resist free shampoo.

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