I want to learn how to use coupons better!

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Hey everyone,  I thought I'd start a series of blog posts for all of my newbies here on couponing! Each Blog post in this series will focus on a few tips at a time as not to overwhelm you!

Today's Topic will cover where and how to find coupons. If you have a question  about today's topic just reply to this post.  We have many coupon experts that visit our blog so I'm sure that if I can't answer it one of our coupon gurus can!

Coupons: Where to find them!

Sunday Paper:

Every Sunday you can find coupons in your local paper. There are 3 different types of inserts that you can find. They will sometimes rotate and sometimes you can get all 3 depending on your area: Red Plum, Smart Source and Proctor and Gamble. The Proctor and Gamble comes out on a monthly basis and the Smart Source and Red Plum coupons come on a weekly basis. Now some newspapers have quit carrying them and some of my readers have said they have started getting their coupon inserts by mail. You may also want to check your USA Today or Parade inserts that come in your Sunday paper because  sometimes they have special coupons included in them as well. From time to time brands may feature their own coupon inserts along with the 3 I have mentioned.  General Mills , Kellogg's  & Campbell's  have been known to do this.

Online: You can also print coupons online. ConsumerQueen.com has 2 sites listed on our side bar that you can print from:  Coupons.com & Red Plum.  Make sure you register on these 2 links so the coupons will start coming to you by email.  Did you know every coupon you print from those 2 links helps keep our site free?  You can also print coupons right from the brands websites.

In-Store: There are a lot of coupons that you can find in your favorite stores.

  • Tear Pads- Tear pads are exactly what they sound like. They are a pad of coupons attached to store shelves or special displays.  You can tear the coupon right off  and use it instantly.
  • Peelie – A peelie is a coupon found on the outside of the package.
  • Store coupon- These coupons can be found as tear pads, peelies or even in the store ads as well as online at your retailers website.
  • Wine tags- If you have a grocery store that sells wine , sometimes you can find  coupons that are hung around the bottle necks.  Most of these coupons say “no wine purchase necessary” which means you can use the coupon without buying the wine.  Many times  the coupons  are good on items such as meat, fresh fruit and  vegetables.   I have also seen them good on any brand of cheese,  any brand of bread and even Christmas lights.
  • Blinkies- Blinkies are coupons that you will find sticking out of those red blinking machines that protrude from store shelves. This is a good way to keep your kids occupied and score some great coupons. Just make sure they don't take them all or throw them on the floor for the clerks to pick up.

Coupon Database:

We have the Ultimate Coupon Database here at CQ. This  database is compiled from consumers like you who find coupons from all over the U.S. and enter them in. When you make your shopping list be sure and search our database to find out if there are coupons or rebates for the items you are going to buy.  We'll discuss rebates in a future post in this series.

Magazines: Many magazines are featuring coupons in their issues now. All You magazine is one that I recommend as it has up to $50 worth of coupons in each issue.  All You is available only at Walmart or by subscription.

Catalina Machines– Some stores have Catalina machines at the register which will print coupons after you check out to be used on your next purchase.  CVS has theirs in the form of Extra Bucks that print out on your receipt.

If you're  interested in taking one of our local coupon classes please email Queen Mum!

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  1. I'm new to this.. I got Sunday (3/14) insert last week, but i don't understand Catalina work… How do you know which item count for Catalina and how much do we need to buy to get Catalina? Does the same products worth(Catalina) for every weeks or different every week?? Where can I find this kind of info. thanx

  2. If you purchase items with a coupon like the Yoplait yogurt for $1/10, are you able to use coupons for the single items included on the 10 that you buy?

  3. Dear Debbie,

    This is a tricky one. A lot of times we don't know what triggers a catalina until it happens. This is why we rely on our readers to let us know and Alert us when they find one. When we do, we post them in our Grocery Store Forums. We are currently working on something that we may have more info on later.

  4. I am trying to get started using coupons and would like any helpful information that anyone could give me my husband is the only one working now and we are extremely tight on money i dont know if living in a small town matters but we dont get alot of different papers so websites would be great to know and how to organize and plan thanks for all your help it will be a great help for me and my family

  5. I’m new at all this do you have any sites that I can to safely to learn more I am very interested I would not only like to save money for my family but to also help local charitable locations .
    which sites can I print from that are going to give me viable coupons?

    1. Karen, click on the coupons tab at the top of our website (consumerqueen.com) and then click on printable coupons. You’ll find a list of coupon sites there.

  6. i already started on collecting coupons but i dont know how to calcutate any item at the store with the coupons i have..what store do u recommend me to shop…ex… if a go to a store and there have a sale 3 yogurt for $2 can i doble two coupons that have $1 off and add it so it can become free or is only one coupon per item

  7. hi ! well i am a person that donot have a job and i need to save some money so i am strat collecting am leaving with my parents and i need to help them pls can u tell me if u can how couping workigs and explain to to me how to used them thank you sooo much 🙂 patty


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