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Dollar Store Decorating – Organize Your Measuring Cups & Spoons

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Dollar Store Decorating!

Dollar Store Decorating

Dollar Store Decorating – Organize Your Measuring Cups & Spoons!

I was needing some way to organize my measuring cups and spoons. I live in a small apartment without a lot of drawer space. I wanted to hang the cups and spoons on the inside of a cabinet door but couldn't find the right kind of hooks.

I found this nifty little organizer at my local Dollar Tree and thought “for a dollar, why not try it”. I was a little disappointed after I got it home as it was too long for the cabinet door. Then I thought about hanging it on the wall!

It turned out pretty good. Hanging the spoons and cups in mixed order allowed them to fit much better and it made it a little more interesting to look at. I'm thinking of getting a couple of little decorative items of some sort to cover up the screws on each side.

Not bad for a buck! What store decorating ideas do you have? Let us know and if you'll send us a pic of your project with details we might just spotlight you on the blog!

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