Tips for a Fun New Year’s Eve at Home!

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If you’re ringing in the new year with family, small kids, or a small group at home, Read a few fun New Year’s Eve ideas below!

New Year’s plans can be simple or extravagant! Whatever your style is, we hope you have a great new year! Check out some tips and some simple and fun ideas for a Fun New Year’s Eve at home.

1. Have Activities for the Kids:

If you have kids who want to stay up to ring in the new year, they definitely need some fun activities of their own to pass the time till midnight.

Have some activities lined up for them if you’re hosting a NYE party or get together. See some ideas here:

  • For Kids, purchase 6 balloons from your closest party store or Dollar Tree. They don’t have to be fancy mylar balloons. Just any helium balloon type will work. Use a sharpie to mark the hours from 6 pm- Midnight on each balloon. Let the kids pop a new balloon every hour!
    You can always add confetti and a few candies to the final “Midnight” balloon.
  • Rent a Movie.  It doesn’t have to be holiday themed, but that will work too! Popcorn is optional, considering there are usually plenty of snacks.
  • Simple board games. This one isn’t for everyone but have a few ready for the board game fans!
  • Scavenger Hunt: have them look for a party hat, the word 2020, balloons, and anything else you can think of. A prize for the winner is optional
  •  For older kids, make a time capsule. They can include a letter to someone (including themselves) or just notes about what happened this year.  They can also write out a couple resolutions if they have any! I love this one for this year since we are starting a new decade!   

2. Make Some Appetizers:

Whether you’re planning for a large group at the house, a church NYE watch party, or just yourself and family, foods are essential!

Take a look at this appetizer roundup here.

3. Make it a Tradition

For our family the things that remain the same year to year are lots of food and time spent catching up and visiting! Maybe even both sides of the family at different times!

We love football and having festive foods at home on New Year’s Day. It’s a good way for us to round out the final holiday of the season. We’ve rounded up a few more ideas below if you’re needing something for NYE evening.

  • Minute to Win it Games. These party games are good ice breakers. There are so many ideas out there.
  • Themed party: You can dress up or not! Black Tie, Old Fashioned, and Great Gatsby are a few fun ideas.
  • Want to get out of the house? Some last minute Go Bowling or Skating (ice or roller skating) or find a special restaurant to return to every year. A steakhouse is a good start! We have a local steakhouse in OKC we’ve been to many New Year’s Eve evenings!
  • Write out goals or “intentions” for the new year. Something you can work on, even if it takes all year!
  • Go watch fireworks 
  • Make cardboard photo backgrounds – these go great with cute masks and props for New Year’s Pictures
  • Couples – Kiss at midnight!

4. Shop Party Supplies Here:


5. Be Safe and Keep Pets Safe

Finally, any New Year’s post wouldn’t be complete without a good reminder to be safe and take care of those pets!

Boomer Pitstop (1 of 1)
  • Use caution with fireworks and sparklers
  • Keep pets secured– with all the noise in the neighborhood our dog gets anxious! We take extra precautions to keep him safe and secured.
  • Discuss transportation to and from NYE parties with friends and family, and make concrete plans for rides home ahead of time, for anyone who needs it.
  • Line up back up plans or opt to stay home if the weather is not cooperating!
  • Allow for extra traffic. NYE and New Year’s Day can mean a lot more traffic on the roads. Allow for a slower commute. 🙂

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