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NEW Walgreens Beauty Club Is Here!

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Walgreens Beauty Club …

Walgreens Beauty Club

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Walgreens Beauty Club!

Looks like Walgreens has decided to have a beauty club of their own. Become a Beauty Enthusiast and every $50 you spend on participating items you'll get 5,000 bonus rewards points.

Here's what you can expect as a Beauty Enthusiast:

  • 5,000 points (thats a $5 reward!) for every $50 spent on beauty*
  • Digital coupon via Email for 20x Everyday Points when you sign up
  • Exclusive promotions and samples
  • Personalized beauty profile and product picks
  • Pro-tips and tutorials from the experts
Beauty Enthusiast FAQs

Q: How do I join?
A: Balance Rewards members simply sign up at the register or walgreens.com/beautyenthusiast; all you need is a valid email address. If you are not a Balance Rewards member, you must join at the register or Walgreens.com/Balance before you can become a beauty enthusiast as described above.
Q: Do I need to spend the $50 in one trip?
A: No, every purchase of a qualifying beauty item counts toward your $50 spend total. So whether you spend $50 on beauty all at once or over several trips, youll earn the 5,000 points all the same.
Q:What is a qualifying “beauty' purchase?
A: Fragrances, cosmetics, skin care, hair care, oral care and grooming products. However, all baby items are excluded, including hair care, skin care and oral care.
Q: Do points ever expire?
A: As part of Balance Rewards, active members' points expire on a rolling 36-month basis. Your points will also expire if your account remains inactive for six consecutive calendar months.
Q: Can my beauty enthusiast points be combined with my Balance Rewards points?
A: Beauty enthusiast is the name of the Balance Rewards beauty club. As such, points earned as a member of the club are Balance Rewards points that accrue to the same account and are subject to the same terms and conditions. Get more of what you want faster by taking advantage of the many ways you can earn points. That includes everyday points (10 points per $1 spent on almost everything every day [add this perk at Walgreens.com/Balance]), bonus points on featured products each week, points for the healthy choices you make every day, points on prescriptions and vaccinations (where eligible), as well as special offers for points. To learn more about the various ways to earn Balance Rewards points or for terms and conditions, see Walgreen.com/Balance.
Q: Do I have to use my Balance Rewards card?
A: If you want to earn points and have your purchases count toward your $50 spend total, yes. Make sure you provide your physical card, phone number or mobile card within the Walgreens Mobile App during every transaction. If you forget, missed points and purchases can be accrued by logging into your membership atWalgreens.com/Balance and clicking on the missing transactions link. You can also access this on your mobile phone via the Walgreens Mobile App or by calling 855-225-9225 to speak with a customer service representative.
Q: Can Balance Rewards offers be stacked?
A: Yes. If you have signed up to earn everyday points (10 points per $1 spent on almost everything every day) or purchase a featured beauty product with bonus points, you will earn both in addition to your beauty purchase counting toward your $50 spend total.
Q: Do I have to complete the beauty profile?
A: No, but then you'll miss out on some pretty fabulous personalized product recommendations.
Q: What happens when I make a return?
A: When a beauty enthusiast member returns a qualifying beauty item(s), the amount required to reach the next beauty enthusiast bonus will be proportionally adjusted to equal the value of the return.If the returned item(s) is from a transaction that resulted in the issuance of 5000 Balance Rewards points, then the points will be deducted from the account that was used for the original purchase and, if applicable, your accumulated spend in the beauty enthusiast club will be proportionally reduced to equal the value of the return. If the returned item(s) is from a transaction that contributed to, but did not result directly in, the issuance of the 5000 Balance Reward points, then you will keep the points but the amount required to reach the next beauty enthusiast bonus will be proportionally increased equal to the value of the return. Points that need to be reposted will not be available until after a subsequent purchase of a qualifying beauty item. For more information on returns, please contact a customer service representative at 855-225-9225.

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