Cheap Whole Coupon Insert Organizer at Walmart!

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whole_coupon_insert_organizer_walmartIf you attended any of our coupon classes you know Melissa and I talk about NOT cutting out every single coupon that comes in the Sunday inserts.  We suggest you only cut out the ones you KNOW you'll use – for example, your hubby will only use Schick razors no matter how cheap the others are. When you find Schick coups you'll cut those out and put them in your binder, box etc.

But what do you do with the inserts after you're done. We advocate organizing them in a box, file cabinet, crate or anything else that will hold several weeks of inserts.


I have folders that I put each week’s inserts in.  I label the outside of the folders with the date the coupon inserts were found in the newspaper.  I do this in pencil so I can erase and use the folders over and over.
Having your coupons organized this way saves so much time because you don’t have to cut out every single coupon.  When you see a deal listed on the blog telling you where to find the coupon, you just flip through your folders, find the right date and cut it out!
Keep your inserts for at least 8 months.  I know that sounds crazy but some coupons don’t expire up to a year and you never know what’s going to be on sale a few months down the road.  I was able to get Dole canned fruit for $.25 each because I had kept my inserts from 4 months back that had Dole coupons in them.
The colored crates are PERFECT for storing your inserts – in fact I have one that I take to all our coupon classes to show how to organize your inserts using this system.  It only takes a couple of minutes to find & clip your coupons versus spending hours cutting them all out 😉
Walmart Tip:  at the end of the year, most stores clearance these crates for $1.00!!
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