My Ecce Bake at Home Bread Money Maker at Walmart!

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Queen Mum here with an awesome deal using Snap!

I have to say, I'm quite proud of myself – I've really been rocking the rebates lately. Between Homeland and Walmart, the bucks are racking up!

This little rebate deal was quite by accident. This morning while checking prices and rebates I was searching for Ecce Bke at Home single baguettes that are priced at $1.25. I thought I'd buy a few and get a small money maker with my snap rebate. Well, of course the shelf was bare and I started to leave when I spied the “save 35¢” tags on the sourdough and took a look. They were marked down to $1.16!

I bought 3 of them and got an even better deal! I paid $3.77 total (tax included) and I'm getting back $4.50 from Snap – pretty cool huh?

The sourdough bread sell by date was today (that's why they were marked down) but I'm gonna freeze them 😉

Here's a few deals I saw:

Buy Ecce Baguettes $1.25
Get $1.50 Snap rebate
Final price: FREE!

Buy Ecce Sourdough Rounds $1.79
Get $1.50 Snap rebate
Final price: 29¢

Buy Ecce Bread Loaf $2.98
Get $1.50 Snap rebate
Final price: $1.48

Not sure how Snap works? Check out Snap and all the other rebate programs by clicking here.

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Like to shop online? Walmart.com offers lots of deals on their website, many of which will ship to your local store for FREE!


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