Three Receipt Scanning Apps You Need on Your Phone!

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In addition to the money saving apps like ibotta, Checkout 51, and Shop Kick, we can also save some money with apps that you scan your receipts into. Here are Three Receipt Scanning Apps You Need on Your Phone!

I don't know about you but I accrue grocery and retail receipts pretty fast.  These apps can take those receipts and give points toward rewards like Amazon gift cards, restaurant discounts and more!


Receipt Hog

I have used Receipt Hog a long time and it's easy and straightforward, but am not good at keeping up with it.  Just submit receipts with the in-app camera, and play the “slots” for chances at more points (coins).

Pros- If you tend to run out of receipts, this is a good app to download.  You can level up to achieve more rewards faster as you go.  The more often you log in, the better this one works.  If you log in at least once a week you will level up at a decent pace and see some progress.

Cons- Receipt Hog does not accept receipts from fast food or restaurants. It must be a grocery or retail store.

Receipt Pal

My husband has used Receipt Pal for a few years and takes most of our receipts to scan in.

Pros- It's quick and easy to use. You just lay the receipt flat out and scan.  It also takes receipts from pretty much anything , not just groceries. (It won't take receipts for stuff like your ATM transaction obviously, it has to be a purchase.)

Cons- it takes a while to add up to the better rewards like a $25 Amazon gift card, but it can be done!  Receipt Pal would be good for couples or those who shop at least a few times a week and have plenty of receipts.  We focus on the fact that it's basically FREE money, rather than the work involved to achieve the reward.  It's better than throwing away receipts and getting no gift card.

Fetch Rewards

This one is new to us, so bear with us and let us know if any information is missing or wrong.  Fetch Rewards is another receipt scanning app, but you must have an included brand on the receipt you're scanning. For example, Axe is one of the brands, so if I have a Walmart receipt with an Axe product, I can scan and get points.  I noticed there are many brands for which we frequently have coupons, so I would be buying those products anyway.


Pros- This app does allow a nice referral bonus so if you get lots of friends and family on board you can accrue points very quickly.  When you log into Fetch Rewards, click the box at the bottom right labeled “Me” and a menu will come up. Click “Referral Code” and a specific code will be shown.  You can share this code with family and friends to get points! Enter code EF9PC before submitting first receipt & get 2,000 bonus points!

Cons- You do have to look at brands which have to be on your receipt, so if you're in a hurry and don't want to spend much time looking at the app regularly it may not be for you.

We hope these tips are helpful and of course help save you  money!  For all apps, be sure to follow terms and conditions. Duplicate accounts are prohibited of course. Also, trying to cheat and send family or friends receipts or submit receipts someone else already has defeats the purpose of the app– retailers are trying to promote certain brands.  So please play by the rules and we can all continue to enjoy these nice rewards apps!

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    1. Just a correction to the Fetch Rewards. You DON’T have to have a certain BRAND name, you just get more points if you do purchase that referenced Brand name. I just scan in all grocery receipts which I get 25 points for each, and additional points are awarded for certain brand products.

    1. I concur with Emm. It doesn’t always recognize places such as a family owned coffee house or pub, but most of the chain restaurants are fine. I’ve also had receipts accepted from music stores and pet stores.

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