To Call or Not to Call? Do we have to Question?

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When a consumer is mislead about a product or has a bad experience they have every right to call and complaing. BUT…… Does it actually work? Could it make things

Calling on Coupon Use:

When calling to complain about a store's coupon policy you really need to weigh your options. Make sure your call is going to better your situation not make it worse. For example :

Better your situation:

When a store employee says they won't take a manufacturers coupon and a store coupon and they won't ask a manager for help. You need to call.

Worsen your Situation:

When a store dosn't have a set coupon policy and you call and complain because one manager will let you do this but the other manager down the street won't. DON”T CALL !!!!!! Be happy that one store will let you. Because the end result could very well be that you will get bit in the butt and both stores will stop what ever they were doing for you just because they are tired of complaints.


Calling on Bad products:

When calling on a product make sure you have read the pkg carefully do not call a company because you had a Forest Gump moment and your complaint has nothing to do with the manufacturing of the product and it was really fault of your own. (i.e. bought the wrong product or you just don't like the taste)To many false complaints can drive coupons and sales down.

For example:

I have heard people call and complain because it took longer than 1 min. to cook there product. When on the pkg it says” MIcrowave Times and Wattage Varies” or I grabed the buffalo wings and I really want BBQ wings. This is what I call a Forest Gump complaint.

A legit complaint would be I bought this product and it was moldy or product was missing(This would be considered at the manufacturer or stores fault)

How to get the Best Customer service:

When calling a company for ANYTHING make sure you speak clearly and slow. Mostly likely they are taking notes on your conversation and if your hoping to get compensated you better hope they get the correct info.

If you get a machine and you have to leave a message make sure you leave a detailed message not just your name and #. That way the person getting the message can look up the info they need to help you before calling you back so as to not waste your time on the phone.

If you get a bad product DO NOT THROW IT AWAY, if you are legit and you have some thing bad the company will need to get info from the contents or need to actually retrieve the product in some cases.

Don't write to a company with a complaint and then not send contact info still hoping to get something.

Most companies now require some kind of proof of purchase. As the economy continues to spiral down more people are looking for creative ways to save a buck and manufacturers are catching on. What they don't realize is its causing manufacturers to “Re Think” promotions and you don't know how many times I have heard manufacturers say ” we would love to offer this promotion but……”.

I will add more as I think of them. If you have a tip or an idea on calling companies let us know.

Just remember to use your common sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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