To be or not to be ..Is that the question?

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So today my son is getting to go ride in a limo for being in the Top 15 people for their school Fundraiser. It was like #3 or #4. They get to go ride the Limo to Pizza Hut for lunch LOL. I am so sad because I will not be there to take pictures or video. He worked really hard for this.  He has become my little go getter! My mom says he takes after me on the arts side.

I used to Take Dance and I was always in Drama and Choir at school. This year he has really developed a personality(although he has always had one from the day he was born). He has started acting out commercials and movies and his teachers all ways pick him for the hard roles in school plays. I always just thought he was being my silly little man (you should see him do infomercials LOL) but now I am starting to think there is more too it?

Right now he is doing karate and he has talked about some acting. So do I get him in classes? I do not want to be one of those pagent moms with my son and I would like to see him have a somewhat normal life. Wait did I say normal? He's my son LOL!! People always tell me do you have him in acting? I am like no and just laugh.. I never really thought about it. I thought about getting him more involved in some of my YouTube videos and see how he likes doing that.  He has already done one with me”The Wal-mart” song .

So where was I going with this post? #1 I am so sad that I am working full time now and missing out on all the little things he is doing at school, I miss being a SAHM. #2 What do I do with this creative boy?

Do you struggle with being a working mom? Do you have a kid with a creative side? I would love to hear from you!

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