Free Dog Treats at Petsmart

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Melissa and I found a great deal at Petsmart today. We found a peelie cpn with four different $2 off cpns on it for Dentley's products. They were on the large bags of Dentley's products. The cpns were good for any Dentley's products. So we only grabbed two and left the rest for everyone else.

Here are the cpns that were included:

  • $2/1 on any Dentley Traditional Rawhide
  • $2/1 on any Dentley Granulated Rawhides
  • $2/1 on any Dentley Prime Cuts
  • $2/1 on any Dentley Compressed Rawhide
  • $2/1 on any Dentley Combination Rawhide

Here is what I got today!

Petsmart Shop

Each one said a different type of rawhide. Melissa and I shared cpns. She gave me ones that would work for my large dog and I gave her some that would work for her chihuahuas.

The big bag was Dentley's assorted traditional rawhide for $3.97 clearance.
Use $2/1 traditional rawhide 
Total Price: $1.97

The next was the Rawhide Munchy Strips Granulated rawhide for $3.33
Use $2/1 Granulated rawhide 
Total Price: $1.33

Then the Meaty Rib Bone Prime Cuts for $1.99
Use $2/1 Prime Cuts 
Total Price $FREE

Center Cut Femur Bone Prime Cutswas $2.49
Use $2/1 Prime Cuts 
Total Price: $0.49

Rawhide baseball Compressed Rawhide was $1.99
Use $2/1  Compressed Rawhide 
Total Price: $FREE



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