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I was compensated by ScriptSave Well RX for this post, but all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

If you or your family members have prescription expenses each month, this post is for you! I wanted to share my experience with ScriptSave® Well Rx with you, my readers.


I know for our family, we do have prescription costs regularly.  Even if your family is fortunate to have great insurance, there is always a chance you may have a non-covered prescription or high out of pocket cost.

If there was a way to save on some of our prescriptions, I was all for it. Honestly I had heard of ScriptSave WellRx before but figured it was only for folks who didn’t have insurance. Not the case!  Anyone can sign up for this program.  Click here for info. Use code: Queen

ScriptSave does advocate for those who do not have insurance coverage, since it can actually save up to 80% off retail prescription costs.  Average customer savings is around 44%.  Pretty great!  And if you can better afford your medicine, chances are you will be able to stay away from those doctor and hospital visits a little more!

As my family has experienced, insurance doesn’t mean you will have low prescription costs.  I can use all the savings I can get.  ScriptSave WellRx offers a savings card, a mobile app, and even other ways to save like discounts on pet prescriptions. As you may know from following the Consumer Queen blog, our fur babies are part of the family too! The savings card and mobile app are a great way to trim down expenses and stay on budget.  You know me…any mobile app to save money is going to be used! For most of us with smart phones, it’s preferable to clipping coupons anyway.  


There is no fee for starting your ScriptSave WellRx account or getting your card.  The ScriptSave price cannot be stacked on top of insurance savings, but you can take your card to any pharmacy and have your pharmacist compare your ScriptSave price to that which you would normally pay with insurance.   This is a great way to save if your medication isn’t on the formulary or just isn’t included in your insurance plan.

You can actually save wherever you are located as well.  The ScriptSave WellRx program isn’t limited or locked in to your local pharmacy. So if you happen to be across country, your savings card can still be used!  This is great for us since we travel so often.  The major pharmacy chains are included and if you watch their short informational video you will see there are over 60,000 locations included.  This is great for us!  Of course the price per prescription may vary by location.  ScriptSave WellRx also provides a toll free number for support for you and the pharmacist you’re using, in case you have issues or questions.


I know for us, it’s important to save where we can with lots of prescription and medical costs.  With the holidays coming up,  I would love to be able to spend some money at the mall and on gift giving rather than on prescriptions!!  If you’re on a budget like we are, any savings is helpful.  I am looking forward to seeing how much we can save at the end of the year with this the ScriptSave program. Use code: Queen

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ScriptSave.


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