DIY Monster High Dorm House

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Consumer Queen reader Lisa King shares here craft side. Check out this cute Monster High Dorm House made from popsicle sticks:

I just finished my latest crafty thing: a Monster High Dorm House for my 9yo's birthday.

It is approx 4ft x 4ft, bottom floors are bedrooms, top floor is living area. Stairs on the right with a patio on the first floor, levitation chamber on the right (since Monster High includes ghosts & witches, etc). It has a clear (so nearly invisible) hook that goes behind the doll's neck & makes them appear to float from floor to floor.

It is made from popsicle sticks & hot glue, covered in colored foam paper, ribbon, & crystals, with windows and mirrors. Its furnishings are made from the same materials plus pipe cleaners. It has chairs, tables, a couch, a chaise lounge, beds, plus a hydration station for Laguna and a coffin for Draculara. The Dorm House is crowned upper left with a rock crystal M for Morgan, the girl foremost in the picture & proud owner of the house.

Thanks Lisa for sharing your craft idea with our readers!

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