DIY Personalized Mirror Art! Great Gift Idea! Costs less than $2!

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I've been itching to do another craft. Sometime I walk around my local dollar store trying to find things that inspire me. This craft on a scale from 1-10 on an easy scale is like a 2! And it's very inexpensive, especially if you already have some of the supplies.

I purchased the mirror at my dollar store and I already had the spray paint. I'm really into bird decor right now so that's what I wanted on the mirror. I actually cut out a bird and branch out of contact paper. Very easy to do and that way you can make what ever you want! Or you can just use stickers, even easier! I would recommend words like beautiful, welcome, shine, and names. I also think that putting snow flake stickers on and then using white spray paint would be amazing for winter! There are so many possibilities!

Take the mirror out of the frame. Give it a good cleaning. Then stick the stickers on. Make sure you press them down smooth. If the edges are sticking up the paint will go under it and the line won't be as crisp.

Spray it! I always go outside. I decided to spray the frame as well because I wanted it to be a different color than the mirror. Let it dry completely. Check to make sure you have a nice even coat and that the mirror isn't shining through.

My favorite part! The big reveal! Slowly pull off the stickers and gaze at your beautiful creating…and then say to yourself, “Ya, I made that!”

From start to finish this project took me about 1/2 an hour. These would make great Christmas presents and Holiday decor!

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