DIY Star Wars Microwave Bowl Cozy

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Did you know you can make your own Microwave Bowl Cozy with just a few supplies? See this fun DIY here!

Bowl Cozy for Microwave

I grew up using a sewing machine, and doing a lot of similar needle craft such as crochet and embroidery. For many of us, this was the case. But I know there are a lot of folks who were more into other hobbies growing up, like the outdoors, books, art and other things! Even if you've never been into sewing, you can still try out a fun sewing-based DIY now and then.

Although you do need a sewing machine for this project, this Bowl Cozy for Microwave is a smaller project and comes together with some fabric and a few other sewing supplies. Even though the finished product looks like something expert-level, you can do this project in under an hour with a sewing machine! These work for bowls with hot or cold food, so they are great for any time of year!

This project is called “Microwave” Bowl Cozy since it's basically a bowl shaped hot pad that keeps in heat, for when you get a hot dish out of the microwave. 

I wouldn't recommend actually microwaving anything with fabric for long, since it can singe (or worse) depending on the heat of the microwave. 

The good thing is, this cozy uses padding called Wrap-N-Zap, which is a microwave safe cotton batting. So if it goes into the microwave, the inside of this cozy will be fine! While it is heating keep an eye on your cozy to ensure the cotton print fabric does not overheat. As we all know microwaves vary and so do heat settings.  🙂

Making the Microwave Bowl Cozy

First you will take your cotton fabric and measure (2) 10″x10″ squares on a cutting mat. I actually cut extra for hemming so the cut pieces ended up being 11×11″.

Then, cut two identical sized pieces of the Wrap-N-Zap. 

The first steps are just to pin (1) piece of the Wrap-N-Zap to the cotton fabric. Using a sewing term, we are putting wrong sides together.

Basically make sure your print is facing you when done with this step. Repeat with the other piece of cotton fabric and Wrap-N-Zap.

Then, flip the piece over to show your Wrap-N-Zap side. You will see the X shape going across the fabric that you just sewed.

Fold in half and then with the two corners, sew and snip off the triangle of fabric with sharp sewing shears. This allows the inside of the bowl to have a tuck on each side, that will give it the bowl shape.

Finishing Up:

Finally, with right sides together (which means print sides facing each other on the inside), sew both prepared cozy sides together. This will give the cozy a top and bottom. Leave a good sized hem, at least 1/4″ and more like 1/2″ if you're a novice. This will keep raw edges of the lining from accidentally showing on the finished product.

Leave enough room to turn the bowl outside-out! Or you will be taking out stitches. I've done that before. 🙂

I use these fabric clips to hold the layers together. If you're not frequently sewing, if your hands don't do well with holding those tiny sewing pins, or if you have kids who are newer to sewing, I would recommend using the clips. There are no sharp points and of course, if one falls on the floor there is no worry someone will step on it! They come in cute colors.

This last picture below shows the finished bowl, turned outside out and finished completely around that final edge.  You can sew that final edge by hand, or you can just pop it in the sewing machine, being careful to keep the hem close to looking like the other sides.  If you use a good thread to match your print fabric, the finished lines will look almost invisible. 

Get Creative with your Bowl Cozy for Microwave!

We chose this Star Wars print since we are big Star Wars fans and like to have some cute memorabilia around the house. This also makes a gift for a teen or kid who loves to hold their bowl of ice cream, or bowl of soup while they are watching TV or just hanging out on the couch. If you have a teen graduating soon, a set of these would make a fun college/dorm gift idea!

I hope you enjoyed this Star Wars Bowl Cozy for Microwave. During the winter these things come in so handy!

Of course, you can get creative with the prints on these. Think Valentines Prints, Spring (For an Easter Basket idea), Back to school for cereal bowls, and of course Fall and Christmas prints! Being that they come together quickly you can make a few!

Print Detailed Instructions Here:

Yield: 1

Star Wars Soup Cozy

microwave bowl cozy
Prep Time 20 minutes
Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 20 minutes


  • Star Wars Soup Bowl Cozy Tutorial
  • Materials:
  • 2 pieces of 10"x10" fabric
  • 2 pieces of Pellon Wrap n' Zap
  • Thread to match


  • Scissors
  • Ruler, Tape Measure, or Marked Cutting Board
  • Pencil or pen (to mark fabric)
  • Sewing Machine


    How To Make The Cozy:

    Lay fabric out flat and with a measuring tape or cutting board cut 2 pieces of the fabric 10"x10".

    Lay out wrap n' zap and then cut 10"x10" squares. You need 2 pieces.

    Lay out the two pieces of wrap n' zap and then place your fabric print side up on top. Run this through the machine caddy corner from corner to corner, making an X shape across the middle of the fabric square. Repeat with second piece of fabric and Wrap n Zap.

    Place the square fabric side up and then fold from the bottom up. Measure 2" on the long side and mark then 1" on the short side and mark. Do this on the bottom of each side. Then draw a line. You will then stitch along this line. Cut off excess.

    Repeat this process on both squares. Once completed fold the fabric where the points meet. Repeat the above process of marking and stitching the ends. Trim off excess.

    Open you bowls up. Flip one to where the wrap n'zap is face outward and up. Align the points. Clip or pin them together. Stitch around the outside of the bowl making sure to get fabric and stuffing. I usually do a 1/2 inch stitch to make sure that the fabric doesn't get away from me when flipping right side in. Make sure when stitching to leave a 1 inch hole to flip your design right side in.

    After flipping check to make sure you don't see any of the wrap n' zap. If you do flip it back inside out and stitch again. Once you have it right side in and don't see any of the wrap n' zap then make sure your points are pushed out. Fold in the hole and top stitch around the outside.

    After top stitching push the bowl down and make sure the points are up. This will make the bowl shape. Now the bowl cozy is ready for serving.


Any cotton print will work! Avoid fabric with glitter (since this may shed into food) or any fabric containing fleece or cotton knit.

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