Dollar Tree Craft: $2 Ring Holder

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Check out this easy dollar tree craft. Make a Ring holder for only $2 to store all of your favorite rings. There are so many tutorials out there but this one to me is the easiest and cheapest! I looked all over the internet and I have not seen this one posted anywhere so you are welcome!

easy diy dollar tree ring holder diy

I am the world's worst when it comes to organizing my jewelry. I'll admit I am one of those that takes my rings off when I am washing dishes or doing something icky with my hands and forgetting to put it back on and then I end up forgetting where I took it off.

I tried putting them on a tray by my nightstand but the dogs kept knocking them in the floor when they would wrestle on the bed. I have just started my ring collection so I only have about 5 that I wear off and on but my obsession is starting to grow. With the amount of money spent on jewelry these days why wouldn't I want to take extra precaution to take care of them.

Dollar tree ring holder supplies

This week I was shopping at my local Dollar Tree for a few things and per usual , I leave with more than what I went in for. While browsing the aisles I found these cute makeup cases and I though there was got to be something I could use these for. I mean they are only $1 right?

Did you know you can buy makeup organizers on Dollar tree's website in bulk?

Another random purchase…. or so I thought.

dollar tree makeup case

While browsing down a few aisles and throwing stuff in my cart, I found these 10pk of hair curlers and I tossed them in my cart because I remember my grandmother always used to wear them and she always had fabulous curls. But when I looked down in my cart they had landed next to my jewelry organizer and I though OMG! Those rollers look like those sponge jewelry holders. A HA! I can totally DIY my own ring holder.

dollar tree hair rollers

And so began this ring holder project. I hurried to the checkout counter before I put anything else in my basket lol.

I basically used the whole pack of rollers per 1 make up case. Now I bought the 10pk which were all one size but they have a few different ones to choose from if you are filling creative.

remover roller clips

First you want to remove all the rollers from their package and remove all of the plastic clips. They are actually very easy to remove so you shouldn't have any issues with this part. Just unclip and pull them out.

place rollers inside makeup case

Next, you're just going to lay all of your rollers side by side inside of your plastic make up case.

add your rings

Next just add your rings. That's it. Super easy huh? I love that this was so easy to do and each item was only $1 each so I spent a total of $2 for this project.I can't believe it only took me 5 minuted to make it! I love that sponge rollers keep my rings nice and tucked in and keeps them from scratching against anything.

No more leaving my rings all over the house or losing them. I also love that my rings are easy to get to and this container will keep them nice and clean and dust free.

dollar tree ring holder

These would also be great for tweens and teens. You could even do this as a craft at a tween birthday party along with having the girls do mani and pedi's. It's a super easy craft and you won't have much money invested in it and the girls can take them home as party favors.

These holders will stack nicely so you may want to pick up a few more and get creative with them. Along with your ring holder you could make a few of them to hold all of your earrings or use them for their intended purpose as make up organizers.

That's it, no cutting and no glueing involved. Just a super fun and easy craft that is super cheap to make with a purpose. I hope you enjoyed this little craft I made. If you did, would you mind letting me know? I have a few other ideas up my sleeve but I want to make sure this is something that you all enjoy. Who knows, maybe Dollar Tree Crafts may become a new series on the blog.

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