Quick Home Improvement Ideas for Every Pocket

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Want to change your home’s look but don’t have enough time and funds for it? It is entirely not a problem! If you don’t know how to modernize your home, start with the basics. You don’t need to do a complete renovation. Even small changes have a significant impact on the overall picture. We will give you several quick home improvement ideas you can implement even with a small amount in your pocket!

Easy home improvement projects for beginners

How to Finance the Home Improvement Cost?

Sometimes, even the cheapest home improvement project may not be affordable for an individual. Getting extra money for maintenance on your windows or updating your bathrooms is not always easy. However, even such minor upgrades may be essential because these are home improvements that add value to the property. 

Taking home improvement loans may be a great way to increase your house price on the market. Financing is available even for borrowers with a bad credit score. Home improvement loans will help you get funds for all necessary interior and exterior updates.

Note that before applying for a loan, you need to do a list of home improvement ideas you want to make. It will help you to calculate the updates cost and concentrate on the most essential elements. 

18 Quick Home Improvement Ideas That Add Value

Below is a list of your home's 18 simple improvement ideas that will add value for potential buyers.

1. Exterior Improvements 

The home’s exterior is no less critical than its interior because it is a calling card of the building and its inhabitants. The outdoor dirt and untidiness can say a lot about the homeowners. There are several main ways to improve your exterior. 

You can rent a power washing from home centers to clean your yard. A tidy house’s territory always creates a positive mood for buyers. 

If you paint your front door, it will immediately look more presentable. A fresh coat of paint on doors makes a good first impression on your guests. Another way to make your front door more attractive is to decorate it. For example, it can be installing lights near a door or buying stylish house numbers. 

In addition to the front door, pay attention to the look of your garden. Your outdoor spaces will look braver even if you add flowers or flowering plants. Moreover, you can use colorful pots and containers. These easy and affordable for everyone details can significantly impact your house’s perception. 

2. Switch Out a Faucet 

One of the simplest things that can update your kitchen is faucet replacement. Switch it out to give your kitchen a new and fresh look. In addition to the visual part, it will also improve water pressure and help avoid expensive water leaks. You can remove the previous faucet and install a new one on your own. The whole process is easy and generally takes just a few hours. 

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3. Clean Your Dryer 

If you note that your dryer works worse than earlier, check its air ducts. First, lint in the ducts slows down the dryer’s operation. Second, it is very dangerous because it can cause a fire. So, cleaning the dryer can add an aesthetic appearance and save the lives of your family members. 

4. Paint the Walls 

Adding a new color can make your living space more enjoyable when you can't afford to renovate your entire house. You can paint all walls at your home or only several of them to make an accent. It doesn’t cost much but completely changes the room’s look.

You can choose matte or high gloss paint depending on your preferences and expected results. 

5. Buy Window Film

Sometimes, even living in a modern, stylish house, you may lack privacy. For example, many people don’t like that pedestrians or neighbors can see them through the windows. Or you may have an unattractive view from the window. In such situations, applying window films is a great solution. They will both save you from unwanted views and looks. 

6. Refinish Floors

Floor refinishing is an integral part of home improvement. It is especially essential for people living in houses with old hardwood floors. An old floor generally looks poorly and has squeaks that can annoy inhabitants. The new, neat floor is vital for the general impression of the home. Choose the materials you like (tile, wood, laminate) and make your home look fresher and more stylish. 

In addition to the new floor, you can also buy a carpet. It makes you feel cozier at home and is especially comfortable in cold seasons. Furthermore, buying a carpet is affordable for everyone because of the variety in its price range. 

7. Update Your Bathroom

There are a lot of various home improvement projects for bathrooms on the Internet. Even remodeling a shower or toilet will make a bathroom look fresher. 

Replacing your shower head with a new one can improve the space’s look and reduce the water amount you use. Installing a new shower head is simple and takes up to several minutes. Thanks to it, you will save money and pay less for your bills. 

8. Install a Sink Filter 

A water filter under a sink is becoming increasingly common in many houses. It cleans the water you drink and improves its taste. You can easily install it if there is enough space under a sink. 

9. Make Spaces More Functional 

Home should be not only stylish but also functional. Try to make the most of all the spaces. Use convenient storage places to pick up and put away the necessary things quickly. You can also put everything you don’t often use into different containers. Right storage places will help you avoid mess and quickly find things you need. 

10. Flush a Water Heater 

About once a year, it is necessary to clean your water heater. You can do it oftener or more rarely, depending on your specific case. The sediment reduction can make your heater work harder and prevent future problems with insulation. 

Color Theory Home Design for Dummies

11. Change Colors 

Adding a fresh coat of paint to the bathroom or kitchen cabinets will make your home’s rooms look different. Next, consider the door and window painting to complete the house’s style change. For example, light windows will make your space look bigger. Choose a color scheme you like and create your new home’s personal style. This is one the simplest and most common of our quick home improvement ideas.

12. Repair the Building

House repairing is one of the most important steps before its sailing. You should not only care about its appearance by painting doors but also make it secure. One of the easiest things you can do is to repair the foundation of the building, its roof, and ceilings. These simple quick home improvement ideas can protect your life and the lives of future homeowners. 

You can make these improvements on your own or find companies providing such services. There are websites on the Internet where you can find specialists to repair your ceiling or other parts of the building. 

13. Replace Furniture 

Can’t look on your old-fashioned sofa or desk anymore? Change them with new ones! It doesn’t have to be items from an expensive brand. You can easily find cheap shops and buy everything you need. See different room projects to get inspired and design your own.

14. Buy a New Thermostat 

Buying a thermostat is a great way to spare your funds. A programmable thermostat lets you change the building temperature using your phone and decrease monthly utility bills by nearly 8%. This is because smart thermostats turn off the heat more often than regular ones and, at the same time, don’t impact your comfort. 

15. Replace Mirrors 

In accordance with your home's new project, update your old mirrors. Replace your bathroom mirror with a new one, buy a stylish mirror for the living room, and your life will significantly change. 

16. Install New Light Fixtures 

Lightning is one of the most essential parts of the space. It affects the overall climate of the room and the comfort of people. Installation of new light fixtures can create a more relaxing and calming atmosphere and make you feel happier.

17. Use an Attic 

An attic is often used as a storage place for unnecessary things. But you can use it differently and create a functional space. For example, you can make a living room or an office there. This extra room can make your house’s project more interesting and attractive to potential buyers. 

18. Add Details to Home Improvement Projects

Sometimes, small details have a big impact on creating a homely atmosphere. They can make you feel more comfortable and make your interior more attractive. You can hang pictures, buy mirrors, window shutters, or lay carpets. Flowers or bright pillows will also create a positive mood. These things are pretty inexpensive but significantly change the overall climate. 

Quick home improvement ideas are great for anyone looking to spruce up their living space without burning a hole in their wallets. From updating interior paint colors and adding a tiled backsplash in the kitchen to creating a rustic look in the bathroom with shiplap or wooden planks, there are countless ways to give a home a new look and feel. Installing new floors with sheet vinyl or laminate flooring, incorporating recessed ceiling lights over the shower or pendant lights over the kitchen island, and even painting old cabinets a striking color can make a huge difference. These beginner-friendly DIY projects are suitable for anyone looking to boost their confidence and gain new skills without breaking the bank and are great for those who want to make their living space more comfortable and inviting

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