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Lawn Twister! Fun Party Game Idea!

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Lawn Twister has been a fun outdoor game of ours for a while now. Check it out below!

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Lawn Twister

Let's face it, we have all had to get more creative lately with ideas for parties and get-togethers. With recent closures in 2020, not only do we have fewer options available for family entertainment, but we also have to be mindful of which activities we choose for the kids at home.

Outdoor games are at the top of my list right now. However, it's sometimes harder to think of good outdoor games older kids and teens actually want to do. This one is fun and simple- and of course they can help put it together!

Lawn Twister was a huge hit for our teen group! All it takes is some spray paint and a piece of cardboard to put together… and a good sized, flat area of the lawn, of course!

lawn twister

How to Make:

You will need several cans of spray paint. The cheapest you can find will work! You will need:

We wrote Twister on the grass in front of the game, but this is optional.  If you're more particular about your grass, our suggestion is to allow the grass to get longer rather than put this game on the freshly mowed lawn.  That way the grass will not show the paint hardly at all, once mowed!

Use a bowl to trace a large circle out of the cardboard. Then cut it out. This will be your stencil for the dots of twister. Then spray paint the dots on your lawn. The best part is that you can make the board as big as you want to!

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If you are looking for another activity for your kids to do, these garden stakes are so much fun! We actually did these with my older college age kids, so it's something that even adults will enjoy. Just get a few older spoons, or pick up some cheaper ones from the Dollar Store.

After a little paint, you will have some cute and frugal stakes for your vegetable garden. Check out these DIY Garden Stakes here!

Outdoor Games on Amazon:

Here are a few more outdoor games for these long summer evenings!

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