5 Affordable & Stylish Sneakers for Women in 2021

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No other class of footwear has ever surpassed the level of hype generated by stylish sneakers. Unfortunately, hype usually comes at a hefty price, as the explosive demand shoots price margins up. A classic pair of Air Jordans may go up for $2000. Luxury sneakers that sold for $70 years ago may now retail for upwards of $100. What started out as a niche, underground fashion culture evolved into a multi-billion dollar business.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be swimming in gold to score a good sneaker pair. High-quality shoes can sell for under $100 if you know where to look. Below, we list a few budget-friendly stylish sneakers you can wear to step up your style game.

1. Puma Cruise Rider

Bold colors, dynamic shapes, and futuristic styles — the Y2K nostalgia dominating this year’s fashion scene comes alive in sneaker form through the Puma Cruise Rider sneakers. The Cruise Rider’s vintage car-inspired design gives it a sleek feel, while its bright, color-blocked design adds a modern twist. It’s on the high side of affordable at $85, but on sale, the Puma Cruise Rider can go for as low as $64.

2. Venus Williams x K-Swiss Retro by EleVen

If you're looking for a pair that's both comfortable and voguish, look no further. Tennis superstar Venus Williams recently collaborated with K-swiss to create the Retro by EleVen collection, which includes a stylish performance sneaker. Drawing inspiration from the psychedelic era and 70s tennis style, the shoe features a dynamic bright blue color block and a bold, chunky shape.

For a high-end athletic sneaker from an established brand and celebrity sponsor, the Retro by EleVen sneakers is reasonably priced at $80.

3. Cariuma Oca Lows

$79 is more than worth it for what the Cariuma Oca Lows represent.

Brazilian company Cariuma aims to make every aspect of their business sustainable. This means enforcing ethical workplace standards in their factories and sourcing eco-friendly materials for their products. The Cariuma Lows, in particular, have insoles made from organic mamona oil and cork, which gives it maximized comfort and a snug fit. Its durable canvas comes in a variety of colors, and its simplistic design makes it versatile enough for any occasion. If you find sustainable brands too pricey, the affordable Cariuma Oca Low makes the perfect starter stylish shoe.

4. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

Everyone and their mother owns a pair of classic Chuck Taylors. Chucks are one of those rare shoes that never go out of style. And since they're manufactured by the thousands, Chucks are pretty affordable, going for as low as $20 during the occasional sale, and $60 during a regular season. No other shoe gives you a better bang for your buck — Chuck Taylors might be durable enough to outlive you, and versatile enough to add a cool edge to any outfit.

5. Vans Old Skool

The low-cut Vans Old Skool is another classic that will never fall out of fashion. The Old Skool was the first stylish sneaker to feature the famous “jazz stripe,” a white line at the side of the shoe that from then on became Vans’ identifying marker. These iconic sneakers come in a near-unlimited variety of designs and colorways, suitable for any style. The average Old Skool sneaker costs around $60, but you might find unique colorways for as low as $39.

Though hype culture caused a drastic spike in footwear prices, it’s still possible to find high-quality sneakers that don’t break the bank. From celebrity collaborations to classic silhouettes there’s an affordable sneaker out there for every possible style.

Conclusion paragraph: We hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. If there’s anything we can do to help, please let us know! In the meantime, give these 5 affordable & stylish sneakers for women in 2021 a look if you're looking for some new kicks. Happy shoe hunting!

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