6 Ways to Spoil Your Best Friend on Her Birthday

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Is your best friend a self-sufficient, independent woman who isn’t really wanting for anything? What if she’s just fairly easy-going and expects just as much as she asks for, which is very little? For anyone who is difficult to shop for, see these ways to spoil your best friend on her birthday!

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Finding the Perfect Gift or Way to Celebrate

Do you feel as if you’re constantly getting a friend the same gifts over and over again? You know, those generic gifts like fragrances, bath sets, or jewelry?

Sometimes, even if you happen to know someone really well, it can still feel a little impossible finding the perfect gift for them. That’s generally what happens when girls set out to find the perfect birthday presents for their BFFs.

What we’ve learnt through our own gift-giving adventures, is that the best gifts for her tend to be those that show her what she truly means to you, and how much you value her friendship. 

Today we’ll be sharing what else we’ve learned in the form of six specific tips to help you spoil your best friend on the one day of the year that is truly all about her!  

1. Look for unique, novelty gifts

Is your friend the kind of person who likes things that are a bit quirky or fall within a particular niche? Well why not spoil your best friend with a gift that’s unique and piques her interest for her next birthday?

There are an abundance of unique, novelty gifts out there to suit girls with a wide range of hobbies and interests, such as paw-shaped slippers for those serious cat lovers, to themed bookends for the literary fan. Finding her a unique gift that perfectly aligns with an interest of hers is a great way of making her next birthday extra special.

Gifting a fun, novelty gift that uniquely speaks to one of her personal interests is also a fantastic way of letting her know that you see her, hear her, and care for her. And the only thing that most of us want on our birthdays is to feel loved after all. It’s actually one of the reasons why we celebrate our birthdays every year.

2. Use the five love languages as a guide

The whole premise of communicating through a “love language” can be just as applicable for friends as well as your significant other. You can actually learn a lot about a person through discovering their love language. In the context of gift-giving, however, understanding your BFF’s love language can help you find the perfect gift.

For instance, if your friend’s primary love language is “acts of service”, and you know your friend is an avid hostess, then gifting her some personalized kitchen home accessories is sure to make her feel pretty happy and appreciated.

I if your BFF’s primary love language actually happens to be “quality time”? You can look for an experiential gift that she can share with you or her other loved ones. It's going to be more likely to be appreciated and used more than a traditional gift item. 

Even if your friend’s primary love language is something else entirely, you can absolutely still give her an experiential gift by looking to her interests. For example, giving your BFF an opportunity to further explore her favorite hobbies, with gifts such as professional make-up or art and crafts classes, is sure to be well-received.

3. Make it personal and send it via snail mail

When choosing a gift for your friend, nothing says that you’ve thought about them more than a personalized gift. You can make this particular gift idea extra special by sending it through the post office.

With all the ways we connect and send things these days, few of us realize how nice it can be to receive something in the mail, whether it is a handwritten card or a birthday present with a note. But there’s something extra special about receiving something that’s been personalized with your name or initials in an unassuming package and totally by surprise. 

That said, depending on your postal service, make sure you post your personalized gift early enough so that it arrives in time for your friend's special day. This not only shows them that you care simply through the act of sourcing a gorgeous, personalized gift for her, but also through planning ahead to have a gift in the mail and delivered on time!

4. Plan a girl's retreat

When you're trying to spoil your best friend, what speaks better than time away together? Whether it's some time chilling out on a shared road trip, find your inner child and going crazy at an arcade as you fuel up on just snacks, or coming back down to earth at a spa with geothermal pools, or perhaps even by having a spa day right at home

There are many ways that you can plan a great day out with your bestie, so you should consider just what activities she’d be sure to enjoy in order to create an ideal itinerary. You could take any of the suggestions outlined above for a daytrip, or perhaps turn her birthday celebrations into a whole weekend by taking her glamping, or book some holiday accommodation along the beach for a sunny weekend on the coast. 

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5. Coffee or Tea for two

If your bestie is one for taking a day trip here and there to enjoy a great restaurant or coffee shop, then chances are this may very well be the perfect way to spend her special day. All you have to do is get her to come out with you to her favorite spot for brunch, lunch, or a late dinner and evening sightseeing or shopping.

You can make this particular birthday excursion idea that much more special by gifting accessories to go along with this cute and culinary experiential gift idea. For instance, a coffee or tea gift set or gift basket of gourmet foods is sure to make her feel special.

6. Have a good ol' fashioned sleepover

Sometimes, the best present we can give our friend on her special day is our time, just to show her that we care. That’s why a fun gift idea is your traditional girl’s night in. You can plan to host a birthday party and sleepover at home, or away at a fun location such as a historical hotel or spa.

Having a sleepover hosted at home with best friends is a fun way to cook dinner, enjoy movies, and overall plan a fun, nostalgic experience. This is especially fun for a group of old friends.

Stay up watching movies, talking about your love life, and perhaps even mix a few cocktails here and there. And how about baking a cake for her instead of buying or ordering one from a bake shop?

Binge out together on your couch as you eat homemade cake, popcorn, drinks and whatever movies you both love. Although no sleepover would be complete without at least one romcom!

As you can see, finding that perfect birthday gift for your best friend can range from luxurious and unique material gift ideas right down to the simplest and most heartfelt gestures. The important thing is to acknowledge the place she has in your life. We hope this post allows you to spoil your best friend with some fun and unique gifts.

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