Best Organic Baby Formula

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Our eating habits are formed from childhood and, in most cases, are determined by the food preferences and lifestyle of the whole family. If we consider the nutrition of babies from birth, most would agree breast milk is the best food for the first six months but unfortunately not all parents can breastfeed. Today we are going to talk about the Best Organic Baby Formula.

Best Organic Baby Formula

It is balanced, contains all the necessary macro-and micronutrients, and provides immunological protection. Breastfeeding is recommended for the first 12 months, and if there is a chance and desire, even longer. But what if there is no opportunity to breastfeed? There is a multitude of reasons for this, and of course, it becomes necessary to feed your baby from a bottle. Other parents choose to bottle feed for many reasons. There are also those that choose or must combine breastfeeding and supplementing. 

Before switching your baby to formula feeding or supplementing with infant formula, it is essential to talk to your pediatrician, who can recommend the best options for your little one. There are many formula options with organic ingredients, which are important to many parents. Read below for tips on finding best organic baby formulas.

Why are organic foods a better option for feeding babies?

Parents should pay particular attention to where the products were grown and how they were produced. Various quality certificates come to the rescue, which confirms the safety of manufacturing at each production stage. 

The concept of “natural product” is now at the forefront, and manufacturers consider it necessary to convey this to the consumer. It has gotten to the point that in this abundance of naturalness, it’s hard to know which ones are the best! The conventional formula for babies in the United States must of course meet safety standards. Even if you aren’t using natural or organic, or can’t afford these options, you are still getting nutrition for your baby.


Over the years scientific progress has shown that food quality can be improved artificially, and the question of naturalness did not arise at all. Flavorings, thickeners, and other substances began to be added to foods to help sell the nice look of the product. This does not mean foods aren’t edible. However, some consumers are now more conscious of their food choices, including baby food. Parents may choose for whatever reason to find organic products when possible.

Today, parents can find baby foods labeled “organic” on store shelves. These labels mean that the food is made up only of natural ingredients and does not contain any dyes, preservatives, flavors, or GMOs. Buying organic baby food can be a good idea because babies and toddlers may be more susceptible to the residues found in regular foods used to make baby food. The good news is that these labels are easy to find. They will say “Certified Organic” or “Non-GMO” on the label most often. You can also look at the ingredients list on the back to find Best Organic Baby Formula.

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Choosing the best organic formula options

HiPP Combiotic 1 is designed for babies from birth.

Based on the scientific research on breast milk, HiPP nutrition experts have developed a new “generation” of HiPP formula with probiotics and prebiotics, which best meet the child’s needs for balanced nutrition. HiPP Combiotic 1 does not contain gluten, zinc, preservatives, flavorings, and genetically modified components (without GMOs).

If using Non-GMO ingredients is important to you, be sure to ask your pediatrician about the HiPP Combiotic foods.

Similac Gold First Infant Milk

This formula is designed to include all the needed nutrients to meet your baby’s needs. Similac Gold does not contain palm oil, which is important to many consumers. Finding this brand of formula may be easier for some parents since Similac is one of the brands of American Baby formulas that are sold in many different stores. 

With your pediatrician’s advice, another option is Holle Goat Organic Infant Milk 1. It can be used from the first days of birth to 6 months as an alternative to breast milk when breastfeeding is not possible. Holle guarantees high-quality products containing 99% natural ingredients: organic goat’s milk from goats raised in a natural environment. 

This formula is a possible alternative if your baby has an allergic reaction to cow’s milk. Be sure to consult your doctor before using it, as this post is not meant for health advice. 

Another organic formula to be aware of is Another organic formula to be aware of is Kendamil Organic Formula. This option is based on whole cow’s milk and does not contain palm oil, corn syrup, and GMOs. They state it is also enriched with omega-3 DHA, omega-6 ARA, HMOs, prebiotics, and many vitamins and minerals.

Holle Organic Infant Formula 1 contains vitamins DHA, A, C, and D (as required by law for all infant formulas) and alpha-linolenic acid omega-3 fatty acids. This formula composition is based on biodynamic farming milk (“Demeter”). 

Final Thoughts: 

It’s important to find the Best Organic Baby Formula for your baby’s individual needs, so any information you read online cannot substitute for advice from your pediatrician and their team! As mentioned before, this post is not meant for health or wellness advice. Any new parent would agree there is a lot of information out there, and many claims about having the “best formula” are out there. We hope this has been informative for getting the word out on organic milk formula options you may not be aware of. These are just a few of the products available, so if you are researching the best organic formulas, do your homework, and don’t be afraid to reach out to your pediatrician with specific questions.


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