Classic Short Haircuts for Women over 60

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We have collected some of the best Classic Short Haircuts for women over 60 that can complement your glasses. For many of us, glasses are an everyday necessity. There are tons of options to choose from to frame your face. Did you know you can also choose a haircut to complement your face shape AND glasses? See these easy styles to inspire you before your next trip to the salon!

women over 60-Classic Short Haircuts

Benefits of a Short Hairstyle

If you are looking for a cute hairstyle that complements glasses but doesn't look too “young” for a mature style, we have many short haircuts for women over 60 styles for you to choose from. Take a look below for specific ideas. There are actually many styles you can have your hairdresser try out, and the good news is that short haircuts complement many face shapes and personal styles. While the reason you prefer short hair may vary, the style options and even color choices are all up to you.

Short hair has a few advantages. First, it's much quicker and easier to maintain than longer styles. The long, straight styles of decades ago often circle back in style, and there's no rule that if you're over a certain age you need to have short hair! No way! If you prefer long or layered hair at any age, go for it.

However, many women take advantage of the convenience of a shorter style. You may find that as you mature your hair changes in texture (much as it can change in younger years and then pregnancy). If you are tired of styling longer hair or dislike something about your hair texture, a shorter style may be the way to go.

Ideas for Classic Short Haircuts for Women Over 60 (Or Any Age)

Elongated Pixie

A pixie hairstyle is typically very short at the back, and then has some sweeping length at the top. You can optionally brush your hair forward or to the side. An elongated pixie leaves a little more length all over. If you are very particular with the length of your pixie cut, be sure to bring a photo to your hairdresser to help describe what you're going for.

Hint: when you choose this style, keep in mind that thicker hair may differ widely from thin or fine hair when it comes to the finished look. Bring a picture to your hairdresser that closely matches your own hair texture and thickness, to achieve the style you're going for!

Shoulder Length Hair With Side Swept Bangs

Glasses look great with many styles. For a classic and timeless look, you can try a shoulder-length bob along with a thicker framed pair of glasses. This look is fairly easy to maintain and requires a bit less upkeep than the pixie cut. It's stunning with gray hair colors, and you can easily pull it back if you prefer.

Shaggy Bob

For thinner and fine hair, building up volume with a shaggy or curly style is a great style to try out. This style looks great with many lengths, so you have some ability to make this cut your own. Optionally, you can add some bright highlights to the style to make it pop. It's easy to pull back with a headband, or as I do with my glasses, put them on top of my head! I don't always wear them so they end up being a headband of sorts.

A shaggy bob works well for anyone with naturally curly hair. It can be layered or all one length. And, it requires very little upkeep as it can grow out quite a bit with no touch ups needed.

Combed Over Bob

Do not stop wearing the bob styles that were your favorite 20 years ago. According to LoveHairStyles, the style frames your face perfectly, and adding a fun pair of frames can give it plenty of personality. Combed over bob styles were popular in the 90's and early 2000's. However, we would say it's really a timeless style that isn't really ever in the “trend” category.

Shoulder Length Hairstyle Without Bangs

If you love your hair's volume and length, do not cut it. Use a curling tool to add some curls to the front strands or add accessories such as clips to keep it out of the way. Personally this is my style and I love how I can curl or straighten it. I don't believe you should have to let age determine style! It's all up to you.

Leaving hair longer does require more upkeep as far as washing, straightening or curling. But again, that differs with every person. Long hair in your own natural colors (including grays and silver) is becoming more popular for mature women. It's definitely not necessary to color or highlight your grays or feel pressured to cut it shorter.

Bright Strands On Short Bob

One thing with bright strands is they will always attract attention. If you're adventurous, adding a pop of color to a bob style just makes it more magical. Have some fun, you only live once right? You could even start small with a few color pops underneath. This is one of the very popular classic short haircuts for women over 60.

Curls On Short Hair

Keeping your hair short reduces the time spent in maintaining and styling it. Curls make the hairstyle more stunning. Dye the hair blonde or leave it with its natural gray color. You could even try some sea salt spray.It gives texture to hair and turns waves into curls.

Add Swept Layers

Voluminous hair bounces beautifully when swept by the wind. Adding layers to your hair adds a ton of volume. It removes weight and give your hair more life.

Elegant Blonde Cut

They say blondes have more fun. Wether thats true or not if you are looking to just do something different. Going blonde or adding blonde highlights might be for you.There are different shades of blonde so you could go with something more subtle or natural at first before jumping in to going full blonde.

Classic Cut With Highlights

Getting highlights is great for those who don't want to go for a full color. it's less damaging and less maintenance. It adds depth and helps cover gray hair. Classic short haircuts are the perfect transition into the next phase of life.

Short Cut With Edges

Getting an undercut or a sidecut on your edgy hair adds some light to the style. It also help make your hair look healthier if it's starting to thin.Looks great with glasses.

Spiky Hair With Bangs

Are you fiery and fiesty? A short spiky hairstyle with bangs can help flaunt that youthful sass within. If you feel good when your hair is spiky, go for it. Add some bangs to the spikes for more volume. Wear glasses with a beautiful frame and feel confident. 

women over 60 with glasses

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