College Apartment Ideas

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Looking for college apartment ideas to make a new apartment or dorm feel more like home? College is an exciting phase where students move from dorms or their homes to apartments. Freedom and individual living teaches one many lessons and life skills. The excitement of moving to a new place and setting it up with peers and friends feels unmatched. 

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From picking out the ideal decor for a small space to extra seating and storage space we have some college apartment ideas that will help you get started in transforming any space into a great place for you.

Go Big on Storage

What are some creative ideas for storage in a small college bedroom? There are actually lots of options!

For example, you can use ladders, wall hangers and even add small storage boxes around the apartment. These are simple, stylish ways to store all your goods and also add aesthetic value to your room or apartment. You can also add storage containers and areas inside cabinets to have more space. It will not use up the room space this way. Even if you are shifting into a small apartment, your smart storage ideas will make the difference. Your living space should be peaceful and provide easy access to the items you use most often. We love the idea of adding storage ottomans and boxes under a bed. Just purchase bed risers and use either a bedskirt or oversized duvet cover to hide any storage underneath the bed. As a bonus, your bed will have a trendy loft look!

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The easiest way to find new solutions to storage problems is searching online. There are so many idea boards on Pinterest or on your favorite cleaning and tidying podcast. There are items you may already own, can get for free or at the dollar store. Any place you can find to use for extra storage in a new space will make a huge difference.

When you are studying in Canada, you will have many homework assignments as a part of your curriculum as you study and learn. Now, as you have moved into an apartment recently, you will be busy with setting it up and keeping it tidy. You can still learn consistently while in college if you search on the internet for ”help me with homework in Canada” for academic assistance. You will get good quality homework help on the AssignmentBro website. Once you have searched for help me with homework in Canada, you can rely on professional writers and editors for the best results. You can spend more time searching for apartment décor ideas and see your dreams shaping up.  

Add a simple work desk

You are a student, and it is most viable to have a working or study desk at home. You can choose a cozy corner in your home. Set up a portable desk and chair to use when required. When not in use, you can fold it, and voila, you have more space for some other activity. Keep the work desk neat and organized at all times. Look online or at second hand stores for a coffee table with a top that lifts higher. These usually have storage inside but will also raise up to table height and are perfect for typing on a laptop or even eating in front of the TV. Something like this is a great option if your main room is only big enough for one table.

 Keeping your study area peaceful and simple will give you the right state of mind to practice, study, or work on big projects and assignments. It is always a good idea to make it personalized with some photos, quotes, and images that keep you motivated. If you have a stationary working space, it will be a great idea to add some indoor plants to it. Check for wall decor that is also a planter or plant hanger. You can utilize vertical space for plants and it will also become wall art. Think of the best way to use the space.

Easy College Apartment Ideas- Build an Image Wall

College is a fun time with beautiful memories. Capture these little yet significant moments with your friends. You can put up an gallery wall and decorate it with some string lights, or fairy light. It is the perfect way to add decor elements while you make the space yours. You can look up DIY dorm décor ideas on the internet and draw referencesUse photo frames and picture collages of your family to give them a special feeling when they visit your apartment. 

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Think of the different ways in which you can display your collectibles and things that you have great memories with. If you are sharing an apartment, it is a good idea to keep these picture walls in your room instead of adding them to the living room. This is for privacy reasons as well as maintaining a neutral look in main areas of the house, where your friends may invite their own guests.

The nice thing about an image wall is that you can find frames for very little money. An eclectic collection of thrifted or discount frames can take on a look of its own! Or, paint your own frames to match the rest of your decor.

Add Paintings and Photographs

If you are a fan of aesthetic, beautiful-looking apartments, then source paintings or put up frames of your best clicks. Add color to the walls, or have a color scheme for your items. Paintings and images are a great way to decorate the apartment. 

You can decide on a theme that you might want to follow for any wall art. You can add striking portraits or add simple and meaningful paintings on the walls. Take recommendations from your roommates on the themes they like, and get together to create something unique for your first home. An easy way to get ideas is to look online at other rooms that are already decorated or in magazines for inspiration.

Choose colors from the artwork you pick and coordinate the colors of your throw pillows and area rug. How do you feel when you walk in the front door? What do you see? That first step in should make you feel comfortable and happy to be home. Think about what is important for you to feel this way. Do you like bright color on the walls? Do you want a stylish home with clean lines and minimal accessories?

College apartment decor is what you make it. Decide on the best use of the space, and how much furniture you can comfortably fit in. When you purchase items for your space or get them from friends and family, only bring in items that fit in your plan for the space. Look at your natural light and layout and decide what the space needs or doesn’t need to make you feel comfortable.

Conclusion – Thanks for reading about college apartment ideas!

There are so many ways in which you can decorate your apartment. Look through Pinterest or Google and visit friends’ homes to draw inspiration. Your first apartment must be a reflection of you. Your apartment will display your true style, sense and personality. College is a great time to explore your interests, and what is a better way than doing up your own apartment. Talk to your family and take suggestions on how they managed their chores and responsibilities towards their apartment. If this is your first college apartment look for ways to make your space feel like home.

Find trendy college apartment ideas or have your own? Feel free to share!

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