Cooking Date Night: Make Cooking More Enjoyable

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After a long day of work at the office or classes at school. The last thing most people want to do is go home and sweat over a meal in the kitchen that will be eaten in a matter of minutes. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the food delivery industry is growing at a rapid rate. With more and more customers opting for entire dishes to simply be dropped at their doorstep instead. However, what if I told you that preparing all types of food can be loads of fun, rather than stressful and draining? Read on below to discover a few ways that you can spice up your cooking life! This way you can enjoy cooking for your next date night.

Date Night Cooking

Enjoy cooking more with these useful tips and tricks 

Turn Up the Tunes 

Some people find cooking to be a lonely activity as, most of the time, it is just you and the ingredients in front of you. A great way to change this up is turn on the tunes! After all, music makes everything better. Next time you’re tasked with cooking a delicious meal. You should turn on your favorite song and sing along to the lyrics as you slice and dice. If you really want to get in the mood, a fun thing to do is pair your musical choice with the type of food you’re making. Mexican melodies for taco Tuesdays, Italian jams for pasta night, are just a couple of examples but get creative with it!

Trade Glasses for Contacts

Want to know one of the tricks of the trade? Trade out your glasses for some contact lenses. Who would have thought that such a simple adjustment like swapping out glasses for contact lenses could make the cooking experience a breeze? Well, there are many reasons why this is true. Number one: glasses often require frequent adjusting. This can be quite the aggravating task when your hands are busy. Such as chopping away at an onion, squeezing out some lemon juice, or running raw chicken through egg yolk. Secondly, eyewear easily fogs up at any sign of condensation. This instantly will blur the vision of your talented chef’s eye. Not to mention your glasses could slip from your nose and break. Or even worse, fall straight into a delicious sauce cooking in the saucepan! For all these reasons and more, opting for contacts is the way to go when getting busy in the kitchen. Moreover, because online platforms now offer clients the chance to purchase their contacts without prescription verification. Getting your hands on extra pairs is easier than ever, as the entire process can be finalized at the click of a few buttons.

7UP Marinade Steaks marinating (1 of 1)

Use a Classic Recipe You Know and Love

One of the most stressful parts of cooking is the possibility of destroying a romantic dinner you spend hours prepping. Instead of trying out new cooking techniques after an active day, why not take the pressure off by choosing to make a dish that you are familiar with? You won’t need to check the recipe book dozens of times for it to be delicious and your confidence in the kitchen will grow in the process. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should never get creative, but don’t force yourself to raise the stakes if it ultimately sucks the fun out of cooking for you.  Try our 7 Up Marinade for steak.

Cook for Friends and Family

If you’re always cooking for yourself and yourself only. You should try mixing it up by inviting some friends over for an easy-going special dinner party. You can prepare them one of your favorite meals. Or ask your loved ones to prepare the meal with you. You can catch up on conversations and swap cooking tips along the way. You could even plan a fun night with a multiple course meal! Your guests can help with bringing a salad or a dessert for one the courses. This way you don't have to prepare the whole thing by yourself. In either case, it will be nice to have company and get feedback on your cooking. After all, food is best when shared. 

cooking Class

Take a Cooking Class

Date night cooking classes could be a fun way to enjoy the love of food together. You can learn how to create some delicious recipes together. Whether it's online cooking classes or an in-person small group class by expert chefs. You'll be able to find your favorite ways of preparing easy date night recipes in your own kitchen. Learn to cook lobster mac, gourmet pizza or italian cuisine which includes making your own handmade pasta. We've got some great pasta recipes that are perfect for cooking date night meals.

Clean as You Go

People that cook frequently know how fast dishes can pile up. One second, you’re casually pan-frying vegetables on the stove, using only a few ingredients and kitchen accessories. Then the next second there are dozens of different items sprawled across the countertops. Not to mention a mountain of plates, bowls, and silverware swimming in the sink. To combat this, make it a goal to clean as you go, rather than leaving everything to the last minute. Keep the appropriate cleaning supplies (paper towels and spray) within an arm’s reach for easy access. In fact, you can even make your own cleaning wipes at home in a few simple steps if you happen to find your shelf unstocked. All of this will not only save you time later but will also make cooking more enjoyable. Trying to your preparation station moderately clean and organized from start to finish.

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