Going Back to School: Tips for Every Parent

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Going Back to School: Tips for Every Parent

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The school calendar year changed in many places around the world, thanks to a pandemic that keeps resurfacing– putting a stop to normal daily life routines. Many parents are preparing to send their kids back to the classroom this August after a long hiatus. For some, this means continuing their learning from home due to continued COVID-19 restrictions. 

We are going to explore the ways that parents can make the learning experience more comfortable for their kids at home.

We will look at the furniture that would recreate the classroom atmosphere. If you are a parent with a student in the house, see few tips that would help your child.

Standing Desks

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Children cannot hold still as long as grown-ups! That’s one reason they get regular breaks while at school. Confining a child to a chair for long for the sake of learning can work against their learning experience.

Consider getting a standing desk that allows them to quickly switch between sitting and standing as they wish. This will be fun and at the same time, it will help prevent back and neck stiffness and soreness.

Your best bet right now would be the Kana Pro Standing Standing Desk that is customized for comfort and functionality. The Kana Pro Standing Standing Desk comes with the following amazing features such as:

  • A streamlined design for great aesthetic appeal that will transform the room into a relaxing environment for learning.
  • A clean bamboo finish on top with scratch and liquid resistance It is also treated with a lacquer coating that stops insects from destroying the desktop. The ergonomic desk has twice the durability of normal wood and will last your child for many years.
  • The desk can support up to 275lbs of weight, thanks to the dual-motor lifting system that gives the desk the power it needs to accommodate all that the child will need for their classwork.
  • It has a 3-stage design for that extra height adjustment that can go as high as 49.2-inches. The stability of the desk is also enhanced by the use of high-quality materials to give it a solid structure.
  • It has a child-lock feature that locks the desk into place until you deactivate, reducing the chances of accidents.
  • It is equipped with anti-collision sensors, and the corners are designed with soft edges; this minimizes the chances of injury or damage in case of a collision.
  • It comes with a smart control panel for handling all the adjustments in one place. This comes in the form of an LED display with four memory presets and a timer for alerts.

Encourage Virtual Interaction

Going Back to School - remote learning

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One of the things that make school bearable for many children is the playing time they spend with each other. It is this kind of interaction that makes sitting in class for hours worthwhile. With learning now confined to online spaces, the lack of physical interaction can be a little hard on the kids, but that doesn’t mean there are no other options to consider.

Encourage your child to virtually interact with other students through the same learning spaces they use for classes. This could be in the form of games, talking during breaks and after classes, and helping each other with their homework digitally. This is a healthy way to ensure that they don’t lose touch with each other even when they can’t meet face to face.

Create a Back to School Daily To-Do List

Back to school to do list

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It is hard for any child to get used to learning from home, especially if they have been in school before.  Turning the same place they live, eat and sleep into a space of learning can be a difficult task for any parent, and here are some things you can do to ensure this transition is smooth.

Begin by creating a to-do list for them that they can follow, in order for them to separate playtime from serious classwork. The to-do list should resemble the normal school schedule.

Add in some break time after every few classes, and allow them to do the same things they would do if they were on school grounds. This includes playing outside in the sun a little so they can stretch and refocus before resuming more classes.

Once you find a routine that works, stick to it and slowly improve it over time until the child is more accustomed to taking classes from home. It will only be a matter of time before they start handling things on their own.


When it comes to online learning for the children, making things comfortable and recreating the classroom atmosphere is one strategy you can try.

It will take some time, but it can become routine! Research and reach out to friends and family that you can rely on to ensure that your child gets the best education possible as the world battles the pandemic.

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