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Big Hero 6 Voiceover


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Some of you may not know this but back in high school I was a part of the drama team, dance team and honors choir. Singing , dancing and acting just seem to be in my blood, or so I had been told. You may have remembered during my Planes Fire and Rescue trip I got to do a voice over for Dipper. That was the first time I had ever done anything like that and I had so much fun. So of course when Disney asked me if I wanted to do a voiceover for the character Baymax from Big hero 6, I happily said YES! Doing a voiceover for a robot was a little bit different but I had fun saying the lines over and over in my head before it was my turn to get into the recording booth. First we watched the scene on TV then we listened through a pair of headphones and waited for the three beeps. That was our signal to our lines. It was interesting to listen to each blogger as they put their own spin on it. Below is a recording of my BIG HERO 6 VOICEOVER. So what do you think?

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